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    Talking Expending the list! 6 weeks left!

    So far the list is...

    Audrey/ Aubrey- Audrey has just came on the list but one of my top names so far!
    Genevieve- Very pretty, but worried about mispronunciation
    Lydia- see Audrey
    Alice- Been on this list for a while. It's losing its feel.
    Francesca- Love this name but I'm worried about her being called 'Frankie'
    Imogen- see Imogen
    Daisy- see Audrey and Lydia
    Charlotte- I love this but DH doesn't. Still trying to persuade him!
    Molly-see Audrey, Lydia, and Daisy
    Penelope- I'm not usually worried about popularity. But my friend is calling her baby Penelope and she is due 2 weeks after me so. It's a no no.
    Rose- Would use this as a middle. My Nana is called Rose.

    So this is the plan.

    1) Get up to twenty names. With the help of some kind berrys
    2) Get some good combos going.
    3) Elimation!

    So please suggest as many names as possible!
    Teddy & Spence

    Samuel Crispin 'Sam' 09/10/10
    Expecting a grapette dd 03/11/13

    13/05/08- The day I lost an angel, Joseph Spencer X

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