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    Was wondering this myself. In my opinion, people should stick to the already accepted spellings...Catherine vs Katherine, for example both work. Quathrynn does not.

    Its one of my biggest pet peeves when people try to alter the spelling of a name to make it seem unique or modern. For example, i once came across a little girl named Summer...but her brilliant parents had decided to spell it Sumer. And of course they were the type to get all huffy and annoyed when people correctly pronounced Sumer as "Soo-mer". As if language doesn't have rules and changing the spelling didn't change the sound.

    The thing about"unique" spellings is that they almost always make the parents look uneducated. If you name your kid Mikayla (no offense to any Mikaylas, i chose it at random)...I'm not going to think "oh, what a beautiful unique version of Michaela!" I'm going to assume you had no fracking clue how to spell Michaela and couldn't be bothered to look it up!

    Especially in this day and age, it makes the child look like the offspring of parents who are too ignorant to spell properly and too lazy to google the correct spelling.
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    As a Megan I prefer that spelling. Meggin remids of an shorted name for "megging" just like beggin' is short for begging. LOL!

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    It's meggin' be thig ob subone wid a head cohd.
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    My 3x great grandmother's name was Lura. She had a sister named Livonia. I guess their mother wanted something unique

    I personally prefer traditional spellings (Catherine, Megan, Caitlin). I'm okay with a Katelyn or a Meghan and international variations are fine. But it annoys me when it looks like a parent went out of their way to change the spelling of a perfectly good name. Names like Emmaleigh, Izabella, Alyzabeth, Elyvia etc...They like a name but its too popular or they want they're child to be special so they need to change the spelling make their child unique. Its obvious that none of these parents even gave a thought to how their child (the one actually wearing the name) would feel about it and only thought of their own need to be original.

    However I have notice no one else seems to feel this way. A few years ago there was an Emmalee on my softball team. She was complaining to my friends an I how everyone pronounces her name "Emma-Leigh" when its supposed to be pronounced "Emily". She walked away my friend was commenting on how beautiful the name "Emily" was and I mumbled "Yeah, if its spelled right". I got ripped apart by them telling me how their is no "right way" to spell a name and that every name is beautiful in its own way. That is part of the reason why I no longer have any faith in my generation. I can't wait for the long procession of Kynnedis, Kaidyns , Emersynnes & Alyxandyrs in ten years.
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    I stick to the traditional spellings and traditional alternatives. You can't go wrong. Honestly, even Meaghan and Meghan annoy me because they aren't proper and there's no point in the A or H. I'm fairly sure adding an H would make it sound wrong in the original Welsh anyway- that's another thing that really bugs me: changing the original spelling to suit your pronunciation. Meggin, Masin, Ellowyn, Tayla etc sound wrong in their original languages. It just makes the parents look like proper plonkers.

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