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    My parents let me name my baby sister when I was 4. They chose two names (dad's fav,moms fav) and let me pick between them. Maybe you could do something like that.

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    Buy your daughter an American Girl Itty Baby (or another doll) and tell her here is baby Suzie. She can take care of her baby while you take care of your new little one.

    I think Suzie is a cute name, but naming a child is the parents' choice. Tell her it's a beautiful name and you will wait and see until the baby is born.

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    Personally, I think Norah and Susan are an adorable set!

    I think you can just name the baby whatever you want, but if it's a girl, maybe you could let Norah call her Suzie. It could be an unusual nn with a cute story =)

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    I agree with tangocamper; if I'd had my way at 3 my cousin Rhiannon would today be answering to Queen Elizabeth :S

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    I agree with everyone who said Norah and Susan would be a sweet sibset. If you're not keen on Suzie, though, you don't have to let your daughter name her little sibling. You could buy Norah a doll to give to her as a "big sister" present when the new baby is born and that could be Suzie.
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