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    @lo: I love the names you have chosen for your new little one - Andrew Lawrence is so handsome, and Lucy Caroline is just divine! Your girls sound adorable!
    Thank you! I'm very excited to have dh on board with Lawrence. It's my dad's name and dh's middle, and I can't believe we've had 3 boys and not used it!
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    lo your daughters sound wonderful. I can just imagine how clever your 9 y.o. felt when she had braided her hair all by herself! I have to say that I am a sucker for curls, I just love them, so your baby girl would win me over in a second, they both sound such darlings; I hope that your youngest won't be too disappointed if she gets a brother!

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    Our girls are all so different, but they all love each other and we can't imagine life without them. I'm so proud of each of them

    Scarlett is 11 and she's a natural leader to the bunch. She loves being the oldest, telling everyone she is oldest, and protecting her little sisters. She is so smart and curious. She loves to read anything she can get her hands on and she loves to learn new languages. She speaks Spanish, French, and a little Mandarin! She is looking forward to learning Swahili next.

    Penelope just turned 9 and she picked a day at the zoo as her family present! She loves animals- all of them and we often read about animals and look at pictures online. The internet is so much fun for kids- you can watch zoo cams, animal cams, and find some many great pics and resources to feed theses types of interests. I've always called her our "little sweetheart" and she stays true to this nickname everyday. She is always willing to help me or her sisters. She loves girly, pretty things. She likes crafts, music, dancing, and singing.

    Alice is 45 minutes older than Fiona. She'll be 3 in December. She's very patient and kind. She likes to help around the house and with the babies. She likes clear directions when she does something- she's a little particular about getting it right, but it's so sweet. She has a nurturing nature like Penny. She doesn't boss Fiona around, but she seems to take on a bit of a motherly "steering" role with her sometimes. It's cute to see.

    Fiona.. Oh Fiona! She is also going to be 3 in December. Fiona is a ball of energy, a firecracker, a troublemaker, a performer, and a chatterbox all rolled into one. She's always into something and I have to do alot of extra "deep breaths" around her because she tests me constantly! Everything she does is loud and funny! She lives to be the center of attention and she's quite good once she has that spotlight! Apparently this was (and basically still is...) the exact same personality I have. This scares me daily I think it scares DH too.

    Lucille is almost 9 months old (and 9 minutes older than Coraline) and her newest trick is crawling as fast as she can to get away from you! She giggles and babbles about this to you when you catch her. She likes to snuggle and loves when Daddy reads her stories.

    Coraline is also almost 9 months old and she isn't impressed with crawling. She'd rather just rock on her knees then sit down and clap and laugh. She loves music and hanging out with Penny best. She's not a fan of bath time!
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    Oh crunchmama what a beautiful family you have, all the girls are so beautiful in their own unique ways. I loved reading about them and I love to hear that Dad can read them stories that is a beautiful thing for a Dad to do for his family.

    I can just imagine life at your place with Fiona being in the limelight, Lucille moving at the speed of sound with you after her and your quiet, happy Coraline just going with the flow and with your other beautiful girls fitting into the family perfectly.

    Thank you so much for this beautiful description of your lovely family.

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    Our daughter, Elise, is an amazing kid at 6. She is incredibly considerate of others' feelings and helpful with the new baby, too. She's also strong and brave; yesterday at the park she chased down some fellow first-graders (boys) who were teasing her a little bit. Elise is the sweetest person ever but doesn't take any crap from anyone!
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