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    Classic names-- spunky/funky/Unique nick names!

    Hi, everyone!

    I thought I would start a post about my favorite type of names for 2 reasons! 1- to share (hey I can't be the only one on this bandwagon) and 2- to get ideas (we have a 3rd baby on the way due in December though we have chosen to wait to find out the gender)

    I LOVE beautiful classic names with Spunky nick names. Mostly because I like options and wanted to find names where it could fit our daughters personality regardless of how girly/sporty/sassy etc etc she may turn out to be!

    So, for starters I'll mention my two daughters names.

    Name: Juliet Elise NN: Jet (we also call her Juju, juicy juice, and jetski lol)- She is a little fire cracker and a witty one liner so Jet fits her like a glove
    Name: Penelope Elise NN: Poppy (she is sweet and happy and bubbly and poppy is definitely a great fit for her also

    Others that I love:

    Dorothea NN: THEA
    Josephine NN: Fifi, Effie, Josie, Jojo, Seph, Joey
    Felicity NN: Fliss, Flick, Flicka, Lissy

    There are other names/nickname combos I like, but usually the nick name is just a shortened version of the full name. I like names where you can come up with a nick name that fits, but is a bit spunky and different sounding (i.e. Jess for Jessica isn't my style but Flick for Felicity totally is)

    Any other ideas?


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