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    Scandinavian baby names

    Wdyt of the following?

    Thyri (pronounced "theory")

    Brinya (traditionally Brinja)



    I was thinking Thyri Katerine or Freya Beatrice as my top choices.

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    Only like Freya because it has nice meaning and Freya was goddess of love and magic. Another reason is easy-to-spell and it's recognisable. Not that I'm opposed to wacky names, just don't like names I have trouble pronouncing or trouble making an impression. Thora is OK, but prefer Thor on boy and Thora is just too masculine for my taste.
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    I like the sound of Brinya and Freya is so pretty!
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    I love Thora so, so much! I would see Thyri and want to pronounce it tyree. I don't know if that makes a difference to you. It's a pretty name, but she may have to spell/pronounce it for people in English speaking countries.

    Freya Beatrice is great!
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    Thora, Brinja and Thyri are so beautiful! Thyri Katerine is stunning, that would be my choice.

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