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    How important are initials?

    Being a typical teenberry, I've had some fun trying to find names that go with my significant other's last name, which is somewhat common, American, 2 syllables, and starts with D. (Although we're teenagers and won't be having kids for a while!)

    I've really fallen in love with Hazel Amelia, but it occurred to me that the initials would be HAD. I know HAD isn't a bad word and it's not terrible, I wouldn't want to put poor Hazel's initials on something. Would any of you make this connection, or am I overthinking this?

    I did go through life as a BS, but never really ran into problems with it.

    Any stories or tips would be appreciated!


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    I don't think initials are that important, especially since these initials don't spell out something bad.

    I was nicknamed my initials by my brothers: O'wild. As you can see, parents can have fun with initials.

    If it bothers you or your partner, you can give her another middle name to break up the word.

    Wish you the best of luck far into the future.

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    I honestly don't think initials are that big of a deal. Even if you had bad initials like A.S.S, I don't think it would be that bad. How often do people know and think about initials.
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    I disagree with the previous poster - if the initials spelled something like ASS I would definitely take it off the list! With HAD though, I don't see any problem. If you go with a mn that starts with a vowel plus ln starting with D, you're gonna run into a lot of words: MAD, BAD, SAD, LAD, FAD, BED, RID, POD, etc.

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    My last name starts with D. I will not be choosing names that start with V or G. Other than that, I don't think common place words from initials (BED, HAD, WED, MED, etc) will be a deal breaker for me.

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