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    Scared to ask but need to know... Ginger?

    This name is out of left field for my husband and I. Not in line with either of our own personal tastes but we both have a soft spot for it. Us agreeing on anything is baffling enough, but on such a "love it or hate it name"? - how could it be?!

    Ginger is obviously a "risk" name as so many have negative connotations with it but we really think its adorable. And I can honestly say as a late 20s female that I personally would love having Ginger for my own name. My only fear is my future daughter not having this same feeling.

    What I'm NOT worried about: "gingers have no souls" from Family Guy and whatever Ginger reference is made in SouthPark. I'm familiar with these shows and didn't even know these jokes until reading up on the name Ginger. I seriously doubt these will stand the test of time to bother my child.

    What I AM worried about: I guess maybe the red head thing (even though I don't know what's insulting about being told you have red hair?) and just the attitude in general towards the name. Many people seem to not like it, and while I don't need unanimous approval, I don't know if giving my child a name that I think is widely disliked is fair to her?

    I don't know what I'm looking for, but any thoughts would be helpful. I'd love to hear about anyone who knows any real life Gingers and what their experience has been like! It's just a name on the table so I can handle whatever ya got... Thanks :-) **I do apologize for the novel.
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    I don't care for it except maybe for a nickname. Maybe you could find a different first name so Ginger would fit as a nickname.
    Ginnifer -ginnie-ginger
    Gillian just like Jillian =jinger *love jillian spelled with a j and she could be called Jinjer
    Gwyneth -gynger=ginger
    Giovana or Giavana
    Gianna* Love this

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    Ginger is a guilty pleasure of mine but I don't think I would use it for a couple of reasons. First, being called "ginger" is a derogatory term used for red-haired children (especially in Britain). I've read horror stories of red-haired families having to move because they've been bullied so much just for their hair colour. Even actress Jessica Chastain (a gorgeous red-head) had the term yelled at her when she was walking down the street in London. It's really a shame because natural redheads are so rare compared to other hair colours. Secondly, the name Ginger is often taken as stage names for women in the adult entertainment industry (eg. the name has sensual/sexual connotations for a lot of people). The sexy vibe was only reinforced by the TV show character named Ginger on "Gilligan's Island" (compare her bombshell character with the girl next door called Mary Anne). I would give your daughter a full name (eg. Virginia, Regina, Genevieve, Geneva, Ginevra, Ginette etc...) and just call her Ginger for a nickname.
    All the best,

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    I love it. It's brave but I really do think it's gorgeous. It does depend on peer group. If she would be going to school with lots of Wilders, Meadows and Ryders then it won't seem strange at all. It shouldn't but maybe it comes down to socio economics.

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    Ginger's not derogatory. Ginger people do, sadly, get a lot of flak but being called ginger isn't offensive. It's just descriptive.

    I only know of one Ginger: I had a friend in sixth form who's a red head and we called her Ginger V!eve- a play on her hair colour and her real name, Genevieve. She didn't mind her nickname but I think she preferred having a formal name.

    I do find it very odd though, not much different to naming your child Blonde or Brunette. I agree that it'd be better as a nickname or even as a middle name, that way you can still use it but you'd have a 'back up' name in case your daughter doesn't like it when she's older or you find you're getting to many negative responses to it.

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