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  • James Petrofski

    26 34.21%
  • Henry Petrofski

    30 39.47%
  • Luke Petrofski

    28 36.84%
  • Luka Petrofski

    21 27.63%
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    which first works best with difficult last name? Please vote.

    First of all I'd like to thank all you berries for helping me to get this far, it has definitely helped go from a state of feeling like I didn't love any names to realising the ones I actually do love! Now it's about narrowing it down to just 1. This is my final poll as I'm due next week so please please vote to help me with this final decision.

    Notes: My priority is to ensure the first name/last name combo works well together. We have a slightly difficult surname that always has to be spelled out/pronounced - hence why my first name picks are simple, easily pronounced choices. Popularity is not a factor for me.

    Surname is 3 syllables, ends in 'ski'. I know some people won't like the fit with Henry having the 'ry' & 'ski' endings but I actually find that combo appealing.
    Surname sounds like...Petrofski

    Thanks again. Very exciting that bubs is almost here!

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    You're right, I'm not crazy about Henry Petrofski. It's actually a little difficult for me to say. The easiest names are Luke and Luka. I like Luke Petrofski the best out of your choices. It's easy to pronounce and sounds great to the ear.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I actually like Henry Petrofski. I think something simple and classic works, and there are so many syllables between the "ree" and "skee" parts that I am not too fussed by it. Then again, I know a family with an equally Polish surname, and the mom is nn'd Toni and the son Andy, and they've never had any problems. I think it's fine. James is lovely, but it doesn't excite me, and the same with Luke. I like Luka okay, and Luka Petrofski is nice (I like Henry more, though).

    For some reason Seth Petrofski keeps striking me. I really love it, but if you're done taking suggestions, I understand. I feel like it has a lovely blend of the styles between James and Luke, still Biblical, but a bit less mainstream, and I don't think you would get the worries that Seth Petrofski sounds bad--it doesn't rhyme like Henry does (not that that bothers me, but as you said, it'll bother the other Berries! ).

    I really love Henry Petrofski, though. It's so adorable! Yet Henry grows up so well.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for all the votes everyone, it's hard to tell which is going to be the real favourite - they're all so close!

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    Thanks for your feedback dovah & ash! Ash - I get what you're saying about Seth, it was actually on the list in the early days but I just wasn't as enamoured by it as others and didn't have any family or heritage ties like the names we've narrowed it down to do. Thanks for suggesting though. Glad you like the flow of Henry with the last name . I just meet someone called Peter Lester today and he said he liked the flow of his name with same endings so I guess that's good hearing it from a guy too .

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