View Poll Results: James, Henry, Luke, Luka

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  • James Petrofski

    26 34.21%
  • Henry Petrofski

    30 39.47%
  • Luke Petrofski

    28 36.84%
  • Luka Petrofski

    21 27.63%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Jan 2013
    I like Henry and Luke but in the end I voted for Luke as I liked the single syllable with your last name.

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    Aug 2013
    I like Henry or Luka the most.
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    ~working on the lists yet again~

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    Jul 2013
    Aaagh, how can it be exactly 12 votes each! Haha, didn't realise it would be so even but that's a big vote of confidence in each names' favour. Keep up the votes, TIA.

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    Jan 2012
    I think all names are nice names. I think all are okay With your last Name. So I say just go with The one you love The most. Is it Henry? Then go with it!

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    Jul 2013
    Thanks taylor. I am really struggling to decide which I love the most, probably James & Henry, but then I flutter between them & Luke. Luka is probably the one I'm not quite as fixated on as it has a softer vibe than my usual taste but its in our top 4 for its continental qualities. Hoping this poll, even if the votes are even voting as they are now, helps me at least collate my thoughts to reveal which one I subconsciously want out front .

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