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    Top Twelve: Treble Conundrum

    Presentation time! Here is my lovely new top twelve! Alphabetised rather than in order of favourite.

    1. Aira Rose Ygraine
    2. Anouk Lenora Erin
    3. Bridie Scarlett Viola
    4. Clover Elodie Seraphine
    5. Eilidh Clara Valentine
    6. Eleni Fiorella Seren
    7. Hester Georgiana Isobel
    8. Iris Florianne Delphina
    9. Laila Charlotte Evadne
    10. Merit Midori Adelaide
    11. Marguerite Cecily Iris
    12. Sylvia Sayuri Noor

    Thanks to everyone who helped out! You'll notice I've used some of your combos as they were presented to me and others are similar but jumbled about or tweaked for various reasons. There are also some names which are totally new but seem to work quite well as middles and some names I swiped from your suggestions It doesn't feel entirely finalised but I'm a lot happier with it than I was before. I adore: three, four, five, eight and twelve.

    This thread poses three questions.

    1. I only have space for five in my signature. Which are your top five combinations? You can say why if you like but you don't have to.

    2. Currently, Aira is my favourite name. As first born daughter she has to have Rose as her first middle name but I'm still not entirely sold on the second. I very much like my new combination but I don't love it. What wildcard name would you choose to finish the combination? Aira Rose _____ You may choose anything you like, though my taste in names is foreign/traditional as demonstrated.

    3. General thoughts?


    If anyone wants to look at it, the original thread is here:

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    Okey doke. Sorry I never replied to your last threads- I'm pretty hopeless at combos, especially when it comes to more foreign/unusual names so I thought it was best not to meddle :s But I can do top 5s!

    1. Iris Florianne Delphina
    2. Anouk Lenora Erin
    3. Hester Georgiana Isobel
    4. Marguerite Cecily Iris
    5. Bridie Scarlett Viola

    These are beautiful! There isn't any other reason why I picked them tbh so I'll just say why I vetoed the others. For some, I really disliked one or two of the names, some didn't have the right feel or flow, a couple felt a little too foreign, one reminded me of a TV soap character and one is still a little too buttery for my liking!

    2. Aira Rose Evanna

    3. I really admire your names! There are some, I admit, that I'll never get behind, but most of them are names I really like, just not enough to ever use them myself: Iris, Isobel, Anouk, Clara, Cecily & Charlotte, for example. So lovely! You've got a lot of pretty combos there and I'd be delighted to meet any of those wonderfully-named girls

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    My favorite five

    Aira Rose Ygraine. Very beautiful. Love love Aira
    Eleni Fiorella Seren- so musical and flowy.
    Hester Georgiana Isabel- I love Georgiana. This has a very Victorian vibe to me.
    Laila Charlotte Midori- not the biggest fan of Midori here, but it still works. I love Laila
    Sylvia Sayuri Noor- so exotic and haunting. I'm a sucker for cool alliteration.

    Beautiful choices. It was hard to choose

    I'm horrible at combos. Wish I could suggest something different.
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    Thanks guys

    Saracita00: It has to be the first middle name really :/ I'm the fifth Rose but the first to have it as a middle name, the four who came before me where all first name Roses. I want to keep it as close to the front as I can. I don't think I could use it as a fist name myself because it was my Nanna's name and my top boys name is my Pop's name, Joseph. I couldn't have a Rose and a Joseph together :/ I cringed when JK did it with Lily and James 2.0 in Harry Potter

    CopyandPaste: Wow, we're both up late! I really love the sound of Aira Rose Evanna. It reminds me of Yvaine, which I love but can't use because it's not real Queries: which ones didn't flow right to you and which one reminded you of a soap character? Lol.

    Dindlee-Deedle: We posted at the same time! Lol. Thanks for your top five Laila's combo ends in Evadne though, not Midori. Does she still make the top five?
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