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    My top 5 are;

    3. Bridie Scarlett Viola
    4. Clover Elodie Seraphine
    5. Eilidh Clara Valentine
    8. Iris Florianne Delphina
    11. Marguerite Cecily Iris

    Those combos really stand out the most for me!

    As for Aira Rose, Aira Rose Marguerite, Aira Rose Marcheline, Aira Rose Delphine, and Aira Rose Eleanor stood out for me.

    For general thoughts:

    1. Aira Rose Ygraine - can't get behind the 2nd middle name here. It looks a bit too much like 'migraine' for me :/
    2. Anouk Lenora Erin - nms
    3. Bridie Scarlett Viola - LOVE this!
    4. Clover Elodie Seraphine - this is a lovely combo
    5. Eilidh Clara Valentine - see Bridie
    6. Eleni Fiorella Seren - love Fiorella and Seren, but not together, and not an Eleni fan.
    7. Hester Georgiana Isobel - can't get myself to like Hester, but love the Georgiana Isobel part! For the literary combo, I'd use Bronte as the first name.
    8. Iris Florianne Delphina - I adore this one.
    9. Laila Charlotte Evadne - I can't pronounce the 2nd middle name :/
    10. Merit Midori Adelaide - not my style, although I love Adelaide
    11. Marguerite Cecily Iris - see Iris
    12. Sylvia Sayuri Noor - Love Sylvia, not a fan of the middles with it.

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    I love Eilidh Clara Valentine. I've been crushing on Eilidh lately being of Scottish ancestry.
    so top 5:
    1. Eilidh Clara Valentine
    2. Laila Charlotte Evande
    3. Eleni Fiorella Seren
    4. Iris Florianne Delphina
    5. Tie between Aira Rose Ygraine and Bridie Scarlett Viola
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    Oh you sneaky Renny, posting update threads when I'm asleep.

    C&P; Laila Morse played a character called Mo I think .

    Aira Rose Ygraine - I really think this is beautiful. Aira Rose Igraine? I think the suggestion of Evanna is rather delightful. I can lend you my glorious medieval find of Heleyne, Aira Rose Heleyne? Aira Rose Elaine? Aira Rose Eseld?
    Anouk Lenora Erin - yay! Anouk! I suggested that one. I think Anouk's beautiful, and I love the combo you've cooked up.
    Bridie Scarlett Viola - this is really pretty. Scarlett (which I've finally started loving!) and Viola makes Birdie so elegant.
    Clover Elodie Seraphine - there's something off in the rhythm to my ears, but as we know I am no flow girl so feel free to ignore my comment on this one. All beautiful names!
    Eilidh Clara Valentine - gorgeous, warm and cosy.
    Eleni Fiorella Seren - Eleni's so sweet. And Fiorella and Seren, ooh, too cute. It's like a brilliant little cupcake or tiny little kittens.
    Hester Georgiana Isobel - This is lovely. I really love these three together, Georgiana and Hester are absolutely brilliant together, and Isobel make them al cute and sweet.
    Iris Florianne Delphina - Very pretty. I really like Florianne and Delphina is beautiful. Iris is one of the prettiest names in the world, so this is good.
    Laila Charlotte Evadne - I'm not crazy about Laila... I don't know why. Oh, hang on, I do. I had a horrible nursery teacher called Laila!
    Merit Midori Adelaide - Stunning. Love Merit and Midori together, and Adelaide swoops in with pink silk ribbons at the end for a romantic twist.
    Marguerite Cecily Iris - it's like a huge wild bouquet of flowers! Love it, it's so beautiful, and you made me love Marguerite.
    Sylvia Sayuri Noor - this is utterly delicious. I adore classic Sylvia with Sayuri and Noor. A perfect Renny combo!

    My top five:
    Aira Rose Something
    Iris Florianne Delphina
    Sylvia Sayuri Noor
    Merit Midori Adelaide
    Birdie Scarlett Viola

    But I really love Hester Georgiana Isobel and Marguerite Cecily Iris too.
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    Ren- d'oh. I shouldn't be allowed to use my iPad after 7pm. Laila Charlotte Evadne most definitely makes my top five. Evadne is gorgeous.
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    Amazing list. Love, love, love!

    Top 5: (make it 6 I couldn't decide)

    Sylvia Sayuri Noor
    Marguerite Cecily Evadne
    Aira Rose Ygraine
    Iris Florianne Delphina
    Eilidh Clara Valentine
    Eleni Fiorella Seren

    The only one I don't really like is Merit Midori Adelaide. The flow feels odd and Midori is too associated with cocktails for me.

    As for Aira combos:
    Aira Evangeline Rose
    Aira Rose Corinna
    Aira Albertine Rose
    Aira Rose Reverie

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