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Thread: Shiloh

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    I love Shiloh too! I would consider it for a future possibility but i'm not sure it goes with my children's names. I think you should go for it! I think of it as a boy name (although it could work for girls), but I don't think people will generally think of it as a girls name. I
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    I like Shiloh for a boy.
    It reads to me as a boys name and not a girls name. What happened to the days when girls names end in -a and boys names end in -o?

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    I love Shiloh on a boy! It's definitely something that I would consider using myself. I think it's fine for a boy to have a name that's also worn by girls. There are a lot of well-used unisex names.

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    I do think of the dog when I hear this name, which is really holding me back from taking it seriously as a human name.

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    Shiloh resonates with me on two levels: it's a "softer" boys name with a Biblical place connection and it's a cool boys name that ends in "o". I wouldn't worry about females with the name Shiloh. In the US last year, the name was No# 640 (that's only 443 girls) so it's relatively rare for either gender. Unless you have a slew of female Shilohs running around in your area, I wouldn't worry about it.
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