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    French names for a French-US baby- help needed with pronunciation ;)

    Hello there!
    We are expecting our 2nd baby on the East Coast.
    Here is my girls list.
    I need help with pronunciation though. For my first, we hadn't even thought of this issue, and his name is being butchered each time.
    So here are our favorites:


    How do you English speakers pronounce them?
    My biggest fears are Eye-sore for Isaure.
    And Mountain for Montaine.
    So please please be honest in your comments, I'd rather find out now at 34w than later

    I;ll post my boys list in the boys section too.
    But my intuition says it's a girl!!
    Thanks Mamas!

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    Mmk. Let's see... My first guesses are:

    Isaure: 'iss-or'
    Bethsabee: 'beth-sa-bay'
    Solveig: 'sol-vay'
    Montaine: 'mon-tayn'

    I Forvo'd them all to see what the correct pronunciation was.

    Isaure: 'ee-zor' - Ok, not too bad.
    Bethsabee: 'bet-sa-bay' - Almost there!*
    Solveig: 'sol-vay' - Spot on.
    Montaine: 'mon-ten' -Not so far off!

    *wasn't on Forvo.

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    I would say:

    Isaure - (ee-ZAR)

    Bethsabée - (beth-SAY-bay)

    Solveig - (sol-VEE)

    Montaine - (mon-TAYN)
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    Honestly I won't even begin to try because I don't know how to. For me, I would ask the parents and/or child for the pronunciation. It may take me a few tries to get it, but I grew up with some first generation Hispanics who had some pretty distinctive names and I learned how to pronounce those names.

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    I feel pretty proud that I came up with the "proper" French pronunciations that Ren found! For what it's worth, I would have said ee-SOHR, bet-sah-BAY, sol-VAY, and mahn-TAHN. Then again, I'm in the process of teaching myself French, so I'm just glad I'm not majorly messing up the pronunciation for EVERYTHING French, hahaha. I like Isaure and Montaine the best, but I have always loved the sound of Solveig! It's really pretty.

    Good luck!
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