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    wdyt of myboys list?

    1.Luca Park
    2.Wesley Joel
    3.Kurt Alexander
    4.Darren Everson
    5.Elijah Brooks
    6.Kai Robert
    7.August Reid
    8.Truman Dallas
    9.Gale Bracen
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    My favorites are Elijah Brooks, Wesley Joel, and August Reid. Truman Dallas is nms but actually sounds pretty cool.

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    1.Luca Park - too abrupt with the "kuh" sounds
    2.Wesley Joel - This is in the top three.
    3.Kurt Alexander - Kurt is a little "dated" but this combo sounds fine.
    4.Darren Everson - both names end in "n"
    5.Elijah Brooks - Eli Brooks would flow better.
    6.Kai Robert - I like the flow of the one-two syllable count in this combo.
    7.August Reid - Strong and handsome
    8.Truman Dallas - I don't mind Truman but Dallas is so "dated" to the 1980's
    9.Gale Bracen - bracing for a windy day? The names aren't good together.
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    1.Luca Park- don't like mn
    2.Wesley Joel- like it
    3.Kurt Alexander- Kurt reminds me of Glee or Nascar
    4.Darren Everson- bad association with Darren
    5.Elijah Brooks- sounds nice but something about the name brooks sounds sketchy to me
    6.Kai Robert- love Kai but I can't hear it flowing well with a last name
    7.August Reid- very good
    8.Truman Dallas- I can't picture Truman on a young person not a big fan of Dallas
    9.Gale Bracen- Gale is too feminine never heard of Bracen and I don't like it
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    1.Luca Park--I like Luke or Lucas.
    2.Wesley Joel--sounds like a kid who gets beat up a lot
    3.Kurt Alexander --sounds like the kid giving the beatings (I do love Alexander as a fn, though)
    4.Darren Everson --reminds me of Darren Stevens (Bewitched)
    5.Elijah Brooks--Love it!
    6.Kai Robert --Kai's too cool for Robert
    7.August Reid --Love it!
    8.Truman Dallas --eh
    9.Gale Bracen --ick

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