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    Luca is love but maybe instead of Park I would at least use Parker. Luca Parker isn't as harsh-sounding with the K sound but what about Luca Everson?
    Wesley Joel-not my style but nice flow
    Kurt Alexander-Kurt I never liked the sound of-I like Zander, Zavier, or Xavier, even Alexakai. What about Curtis or Alexander Curtis or Carlton Alexander?
    Darren Everson feels like too many N's going on but I love Everson. What about Everson Park?
    Love Elijah Brooks!!!!
    Kai I love Robert I could live without. Kai Robertson sounds great and handsome to me though.
    August Reid is very handsome.
    Truman Dallas sounds like a movie star, not in a bad way. Not my taste but sounds great.
    Gale reminds me of Gail which is feminine to me and Bracen just looks wrong. Do you like Greyson? Or what about Bryant, Gavin, Gray/Grey, or Gabriel?

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    I really like Wesley Joel, Elijah Brooks, & August Reid.

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    1.Luca Park -- it's a little sharp. I like them individually.
    2.Wesley Joel -- not a big fan of either name personally
    3.Kurt Alexander -- never been a big fan of Kurt, but the name flows well
    4.Darren Everson -- meh. A lot of Rs
    5.Elijah Brooks -- Very country sounding. Cute though.
    6.Kai Robert -- VERY different names. Kai is so untraditional and Robert is as classic as you can get. I'm not sure if that's an attempt to balance it out, but I don't think it works here.
    7.August Reid -- I think this is my favorite. The tone of the names is matched and it flows well.
    8.Truman Dallas -- another very southern/country sounding name. Not a huge fan, but it's okay.
    9.Gale Bracen -- not a fan of either name personally. Gail/Gayle/Gale is a girl's name, to me. Never heard of Bracen.

    My favorite of your names
    August Reid
    Elijah Brooks

    Luca Alexander
    Kai Everson

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