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    Jun 2012
    3 Girls: Kate Annabelle, Isla Josephine & Ruby Madeleine (I'm in a girl name rut as of late, so this is all I got)
    2 Girls/1 Boy: Kate Annabelle, Lila Josephine, & Jack Alexander
    2 Boys/1 Girl: Samuel Jude, Oliver James, & Eliza Josephine
    3 Boys: Jack Evander, Oliver Finn, & Leo Maximilian
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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    Aug 2013

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    3 girls:
    Magnolia Mary Ann, Coraline Adelia Jay, Georgia Penelope Shae (Maggie, Cora, Poppy)

    2 girls/1 boy:
    Magnolia Mary Ann, Coraline Adelia Jay, Leland Benjamin Colt (Nola, Cora, Colt)

    1 girl/2 boys:
    Magnolia Mary Ann, Leland Benjamin Neil, Colt Michael Thomas (Maggie, Lee, Colt)

    3 boys:
    Leland Thomas Kick, Colt Benjamin David, Briggs Michael Neil (Lee, Colt, Briggs)

    While most of these aren't my favorite combination, I would want my children to each have a name that honors a family member, or their heritage, sooo I had to separate some of my favorite combos to do that.

    Hollis - Carolina - Margaret - Ace - Mary - Beverly - Magnolia - Holiday - Rado - Georgie - Veda - Ruthie - Delta
    Atlas - Everest - Bellamy - Solomon - Benno - Cahill - Briggs - Cas - Silas - Neil - Ira - McCoy - Shannon - Harvey

    Expecting Leland

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    Hmm, since I already have one child, I would want their names to work with hers, so I would continue having two family names in the middle.

    Louisa Judith Rae, Agatha Jean Hester, Iris Katherine Mary

    Louisa Judith Rae, Iris Katherine Jean, Roscoe Jesse Paul

    Louisa Katherine Judith, Roscoe Jesse Paul, Teague Holden Russell

    Roscoe Jesse Paul, Teague Holden Clark, Wylie Russell Jones
    Mom to the delightful Be@trix He1en Luci11e (2011)

    Loving Margaret (nn Maisie), Louisa (nn Lulu), and Frederick (nn Fritz) for future children.

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