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    With Azula, I told Corey about a week before I was due, that I felt pregnant. I just knew it. I'm impatient so I did some early testing & got some negatives - but I'm persistent. When I finally got a positive test I came out of the bathroom & told him I KNEW IT.
    It was exactly the same with our second one, actually.
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    I personally wouldn't tell a 2 or 3 year old I was expecting before I told my SO...for many reasons...risk of miscarriage being a major one.

    I honestly have no recollection of telling my BF I was pregnant. (We weren't together when I found out, had only been together 6 months, I was on BC).

    If we do have another bio child, I might do something like if he got home and asked what Lilly did all day say "not much, she's just waiting for her new brother or sister". (Lillian wouldn't know before her dad, it'd just be a cute way to say it)
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    With Leo I just sort of blurted it out!

    With Ronan, we had been trying a few months. It was in the morning before he left for work. He was in the lounge having a cuddle with Leo and called out for me to come see cos it was so cute (Leo wasn't the cuddliest of babies, he had better things to do (!), and was just starting to enjoy snuggling in).
    I'd just taken the test (without him knowing), I walked in and he goes, "Look, he''s giving me the nicest cuddle!". Then I said something like, "Cute! In July you'll have TWO babies to cuddle with!"
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    When I found out I was pregnant with Ari, I wrapped up a bib that said "Daddy's Favorite Girl!" on it and gave it to him on Easter. When I thought I was pregnant with Logan, I just told him, and we kind of "took the test together" so it wasn't really a surprise.
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    I just ran into the kitchen with the pee stick and blurted it out.

    I already had the memorable backdrop---I took my pregnancy test during Hurricane Sandy and we live right on Long Island Sound. No power, roads closed, one street up from evacuations, but at least he was home to find out!
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