View Poll Results: Which boy name do you like best (with common last name)? Thanks!!

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  • Abel

    3 6.98%
  • Lucas

    7 16.28%
  • Jasper

    17 39.53%
  • Bodhi

    10 23.26%
  • Benjamin

    6 13.95%
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    Exclamation Help! Only 3 weeks to go and still no boy name!

    We are due in 3 weeks with our first child, a boy, and we still feel like we are not sure on a name. We keep finding that we either like very common names or very unusual names, without much middle ground. Our last name starts with an "S" and is pretty common, which makes us lean toward a more unique first name. Our list at present:

    Abel - I like it a lot but DH is on the fence.
    Lucas - we both like it but worry it's too common and since it ends in S worry it blends too much with our last name.
    Bodhi - we both love the name but worry it's too unique / offbeat.
    Jasper - we both love the name but aren't sure it works for a grown up as well as for a little boy.
    Benjamin - I like it more than DH but concerned it is super common.

    Any feedback or suggestions are much appreciated!!!

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    I love Bodhi!

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    My faves are:

    1 Jasper - I don't know why you're worried if this name ages well but you don't seem concerned with Bodhi. Bodhi isn't a name that I can see on a grown man but I have no problem with Jasper.

    2 Abel - this is a more unusual Bible name that has a strong sound . I like the meaning "breathe" and the fact that the name is pronounced the same way as the word "able" which implies competence and reliability.

    3 Benjamin - yes, more common than you would like especially with your common surname but it's a timeless choice.

    I didn't pick Lucas would run into your "S" last name and it's popular
    I didn't pick Bodhi's a little too cutesy for a boy. While I can appreciate the Buddhist connection, It's kind of childish in sound.
    All the best,

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    Lucas and Benjamin are too common. I don't like Bodhi and Cain killed Abel.
    So, my vote goes to Jasper. :-)

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    My favorite is Jasper--my only worry would be if there's too much hiss with your last name. My second favorite is Benjamin, which might sound best with your last name, if it is 1 or 2 syllables.

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