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    I like Piper, but then I say you had a son named Cooper. I think they are too close in sounds for me.

    My favorite with your last name is Veronica. I also Mirabelle.

    Good Luck!

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    Thank you for the comments so far! To clarify the pronunciation of Rosalind - I fell in love with the name when I first studied As You Like It and my professor always pronounced it Rose-ah-lind. I had no prior knowledge of the name, so only recently realized the traditional pronunciation is Roz-a-lind. If we go with Rosalind, it will be Rose-ah-lind, so I worry that we'll always be correcting people. I think if it weren't for that concern, this little girl would be Rosalind.

    Someone mentioned Felicity, which I hadn't thought of before. I love it! And I also like the spelling Mirabel, though that is the name of an airport in Montreal (we're in Canada), which is why I didn't think to spell it that way. I do like it, though.

    So many things for me to think about!

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    Piper - Not my thing, I just find the name unappealing.
    Veronica - I'm sorry for the negativity, but again I dislike Veronica, I find the name harsh in sound.
    Mirabelle - I prefer Mirabel spelling wise but still it's a lovely choice very elegant and Mirabella is also cool.
    Belle - A lovely name, very light and dainty. Belle is a French classic oozing beauty and class. I also love Bella which has slightly more spunk.
    Adelaide - A great place name. Adelaide is classy, has a range of great nicknames my favourite being Addie.
    Rosalind - Lovely name! I wouldn't worry about pronunciation issues, to be honest once you say my name is 'insert name' people will pronounce the name that way without issues.

    I love your family names to be honest they are great choices : )

    Have you thought of using names similar to style of your family names...?
    Margaret - Margo, Dorothy, Margot, Joan, Marguerite, Susannah
    Josephine - Catherine, Florence, Beatrice, Louise, Charlotte
    Marion - Miriam, Mary, Marie, Ellen, Majorie, Yvaine
    Ann - Jane, Annelies, Betty, Therese, Anna, Anais, Anya

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    I really like your list.

    Piper - I've always found this appealing, but I don't like it with Cooper
    Veronica - I don't think Ronnie is an obvious nickname, so you could definitely get away with it.
    Mirabelle - With -belle and -bella names being so popular, I would prefer just Mira. I think Mira is a lovely name all on its own, and doesn't seem incomplete.
    Adelaide - Gorgeous vintage feeling name, but there's no way to avoid the uber popular nn Addie
    Rosalind - I've had this same confusion with the pronunciation, rose-uh-lind or roz-un-lind. I agree that I much prefer the softer rose-uh-lind, but I have no idea how common the different pronunciations are. I do like the name though!

    Vivian/Vivienne - if you like the V of Veronica
    Miriam - I've seen another poster consider Miriam nn Mira, and I thought it was adorable!
    Rosaline - Very similar to Rosalind, but with a soft -line or -lyn ending. Though this may just create more pronunciation issues that you would have with Rosalind! I would say it rose-uh-line, and I think it's just gorgeous.
    Rosa - One way to avoid all of those pronunciation issues is to just go with Rosa. I think it's a beautiful full name in its own right, and it has some nice positive associations with it (Rosa Parks). Nn Rosie is also cute.

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    I am a big fan of Veronica. I know a girl with that name and people actually all her Nikki for a NN, I don't know if you like that any better?

    Going with the V theme, some suggestions could be Victoria, Vanessa, Vivienne.

    I'm at a loss for a middle name suggestion. I'd choose Ann from your list to go with Veronica though. Veronica Ann (insert MIL name) Lee sounds nice.

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