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    Naming our daughter - it's hard!

    I'm new here and have been reading through the forums trying to find names for our daughter, due in January. Since you are all so good with names, I thought maybe you could help and give me your honest opinions on the names we have on our list!

    Our last name is Lee and I've found it a bit challenging to find a first name that flows well. Here is our short list:

    Piper - I've always loved this name and it doesn't seem to be that popular (I want to avoid anything too popular)
    Veronica - My only hesitation here is that I hate the nn "Ronnie," otherwise, I think it is perfect
    Mirabelle - Also considering Mirabella. If she has to have a nn, it would be Mira, not Belle or Bella
    Adelaide - I love it, my husband isn't very fond of it
    Rosalind - We both love it, but we're worried people would mispronounce it

    I'm open to suggestions, as well.

    She will have two middle names: one Korean (My MIL will pick) and one English. The names in my family that we could honour are Margaret, Josephine, Marion and Ann, but I hate these names, so I'm open to anything if you have suggestions.

    If it helps, our son's name is Cooper.

    Thank you all for your help and opinions!

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    Those are all great names! Cooper and Piper sort of locks you into a same-sound set, but Piper is cute. I know one, who is 10, but have heard it around town in the kid set here and there. I don't think it's overly popular, but enough girls are being named that that you hear it out and about. I personally love your other four choices more....with Veronica being my least favorite just because I can't think of a nn either! I wouldn't worry too much about people pronouncing Rosalind a different way than you say it. Just tell them, "We say....." That's what I do with some of my kids' names and it's not too much of an issue, truly. I love the nn Laidy with Adelaide!

    Combo's might be:
    Adelaide Ann
    Adelaide Margaret
    Rosalind Alice (do you like Alice? It seems to fit there and has a bit most spice than Ann)
    Rosalind Marion

    What about Adelaide Piper? Or Rosalind Piper? or Josephine as the first name? Josie is quite cute with Cooper!

    You have nice choices all around, I think! Good luck!

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    The ones from your list that I particularly adore are:

    Piper - It's spunky and fits well with Cooper.
    Veronica - One of my closest friends is named Veronica, she goes by Veronica, Vero, or V, nobody has ever called her Ronnie.
    Rosalind - This name is beautiful.

    Suggestions for Alternative Middle Names

    Ann - have you considered Annabelle, Antoinette

    Margaret - have you considered Marguerite

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    Veronica could be Vera, Nica, Nic, Nici, even just V.
    How do you pronounce Rosalind and how do you think would people mispronounce it?
    I think my favourite of your choices is Mirabelle but Piper is cute too (but I feel like if you ever had another daughter, names like Mirabelle or Veronica wouldn't work with Cooper and Piper).

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    old combos and lists

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