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    I agree...Levi is a good fit, but just here recently I am hearing it a whole lot. So now I'm rethinking that one. Ugh, why is this so hard!!! I just want a strong, simple name...not too popular, but not weird. I know we'll find one, but it's starting to stress me out a little. I've gotta come up with a good one that my husband will love that way he'll be totally good with not using Preston as the first name.

    Thanks again everyone. It's nice to try to figure all this out with you. We always keep the name a secret so it's great to talk to someone about it...especially since I'm struggling so much!!

    Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!

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    I can see you leaning towards Levi and Levi Preston is a good combo but here are a few more names to consider although the brilliant berries have probably listed them already.

    Ethan This is popular and easily recognised has a nice melodic sound
    Jesse I like this one even though it has faded from popularity somewhat
    Toby I love this one also its variants Tobin and Tobias
    Seth This is a strong, manly name and is the one syllable kind of name that you seem to like
    Eli a well loved name and could also be a nn for Elliott which is very smart
    Asher I love this one although it is enjoying a rise in popularity
    Simon this is always the cool, handsome dude for me
    Jacoby it is close to Jacob but has the nn of Coby that may appeal to you
    Luke or Lucas are always in style
    Amos and Boaz these great old testament characters deserve more attention
    Nathan nn of Nate a little dated but still very likeable
    Thomas Once upon a time quite popular but now a surprising choice which I like as who could not like a boy named Tom?
    Jared this is one I have liked for ages
    Josiah I love the flow of this name although I am not a fan of Joe

    and here is a list of random other names

    Beau (Love)
    Phineas or Finn/Finley/Fintan

    Psalm 23

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