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    Wow! I'm loving all this help!! You guys are amazing! There are so many I like and a few I would've never considered...until now! I will have to roll around all these wonderful ideas!

    I love the name Isaac/Ike!!! There is a boy at our church with that I was staying away from it. I tend to completely block out names if I already know a kid with the same name. Do you do that, too? OR should I just go with it?!?

    To mary-la: funny that you noticed that my other kids initials spell J-A-M-E-S...I think it's kinda cool...and I NEVER thought about using JAMES as a name...until now!!

    Also, another question...How do you feel about the name Hale? That's another family name I could use, mostly likely for a middle name as well. But, is it too much like hell?!? I worry about all the wrath a child could face...what do you think?

    Thanks again! You are all great! Now off to study these names more!!

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