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    I don't think of redheads when I see Ginger. In the US (or at least around here), they're mostly referred to as redheads. I didn't realize they were called gingers until a few years ago! I think of the spice, not people with red hair.

    Ginger is a sweet name and perfectly usable as a given name if your chances of having a redheaded child are very low. I prefer it as a given name than as a nickname.

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    My 3 year old daughter is Ginger Grace. People are very vocal when they hear her name. It's not the obligatory, "oh that's cute" - they get overly gushy about how you never hear that name and how it fits her personality and the retro connection. So I would say we've had an overall positive response. She's a blondie. I didn't realize calling red-heads "gingers" was such a pop culture standard until after she was already here and named. So, I'm sort of glad she's not red-headed. I wouldn't have wished the teasing for her.

    My main concern when selecting her name was the dog/cat/horse association. We decided to ignore that because where I live people seem to name their pets top 10 people names (Lily, Sam, Max, Ellie, Olivia, etc...) and didn't think we would be constantly running into little puppy and kitty Gingers.

    One reason I chose the name was because of a beautiful camp counselor I had when I was a kid. She was lovely inside and out and her name gave her this extra...sparkle ?!?! :-) I never got it out of my mind and always knew I would name a baby girl Ginger! I also love the old hollywood glammy names.

    Hope this helps!
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    Where im from people are called ginger like a red headed step child.. its somewhat insulting, alot of ginger jokes ect.. But to the name im able to separate that & enjoy it. I had a friend named ginger who wasnt red headed. I met her after all the jokes & never associated them with her. To me she came of like a ginger bread cookie - very sweet.

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    I haven't been on here the last few days, but thanks for the honest opinions everyone! I expected that many people would not name their own child, Ginger. But the positive comments were enough to keep it on my list! In my area, I wouldn't say that Ginger is known as a hair color, like blond or brunette. Recently a friend of mine was telling me about a little baby that was born and that she was a "cute little ginger." That's the most I've ever heard it as a descriptive word, and she used it more as a term of endearment rather than a derogatory term. It appears that in Britain it's a little more common or possibly harsh, but that doesn't really bother me where I am. I had almost talked myself out of it when posting this thread but the more I've thought about it, the more I like it! We're still not committed to any names but I'm happy I didn't dismiss this one too soon.@BlueBonnet, it's especially nice to hear from a parent of an actual Ginger! Thanks so much for all the insight. I think Ginger Grace is beautiful, and looking at your picture- it fits her very nicely!

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    I do think it is better used as a nickname, it just doesn't seem substantial enough for me on its own. Especially if you're worried about future name regret, I'd go that route. And like Mischa said, it does have a slightly porn-y feel.
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