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    I love it. I know a fantastically adorable and spunky thirty-something-year-old Ginger and it fits her perfectly. Her personal image is so far away from "the movie star" on Gilligan's Island (and most children your daughter's age will literally have no idea what that even is), that the comparison never really crosses my mind. (I will note that, while this Ginger is not a red-head, she did marry one and has two adorable red-headed boys). Totally up to you, but I think it's completely wearable.
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    I have an aunt named Ginger, so I have a soft spot for the name. I don't think she ever got teased for it.
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    Does anyone else immediately think of the Spice Girls?

    I'm a redhead myself and I don't consider it a derogatory name.
    I don't mind Ginger (although it does strike me as maybe a stripper name), but I prefer rarer spice names like Saffron.

    I like it better as a nickname than as a name name, and I like it best NOT on a redhead.
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    Ginger is much less of a risk name as a nickname for Virginia.
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    I used to know a very sweet little girl named Ginger...I don't think it's derogatory in the US. Not much different than Cinnamon or Saffron. My first thought is Ginger Rogers, and I think it's adorable!

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