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    I think it's cute. The trend in names right now seem weirder to me than the name Ginger. For instance, I see that the girl name Brooklyn is on the top list right now. That's a weird name, especially when compared to Ginger. So I wouldn't worry.

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    I think that Ginger as a nickname is great. Virginia is another option. For me, the name Ginger is cute & spicy & has a nature element that I like & that is very 2014. However, it is a term for redheads and a term that is somewhat negative. I think that the ginger jokes go beyond a few US TV shows and are common in the UK. I am a redhead who never got much teasing aside from a few Pippi remarks that I decided to take as a compliment. However I think the ginger joke is known in the US at this point. It may die down once a girl born today is in school, but like I said since it's fairly common in the UK that side of it isn't going anywhere however the South Park thing fades away.

    Personally I would like to be named Ginger well enough, but I'm somewhat of an extrovert and I take teasing in stride. I think it could be hard to wear for some types of girls.

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    It's not like naming your child Blonde or Brunette as pp has said - its a spice too

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlieandperry1 View Post
    Ginger's not derogatory. Ginger people do, sadly, get a lot of flak but being called ginger isn't offensive. It's just descriptive.

    I only know of one Ginger: I had a friend in sixth form who's a red head and we called her Ginger V!eve- a play on her hair colour and her real name, Genevieve. She didn't mind her nickname but I think she preferred having a formal name.

    I do find it very odd though, not much different to naming your child Blonde or Brunette. I agree that it'd be better as a nickname or even as a middle name, that way you can still use it but you'd have a 'back up' name in case your daughter doesn't like it when she's older or you find you're getting to many negative responses to it.
    This exactly. I have a red-haired friend known as Ginger or Ginge (not in a mean way), but I can't imagine someone with it as an actual name. Ginevra would be a lovely full name option - rather strangely, I can also imagine a Margaret nicknamed Ginger, but I'm not quite sure why... There seems to be no logical reason behind it, but there you go. It wouldn't surprise me, at least, to have a Margaret called Ginger, so in the extremely unlikely event that we would ever come across each other in real life, I wouldn't bat an eyelid. Sorry about the slight deviation, and good luck anyway

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    It is super cute. I would use a more formal first name though.
    Virginia nn Ginger would work.

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