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    Need help with a third middle name!

    We need suggestions for a little man we're adopting!
    His name is already Kaidan Blake, but we want to add a third name, keep the first the same but Blake COULD change positions. Any suggestions?

    Mama to Sebastian, Kaidan, Evelyn, Britton, and Jackson

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    What's your style? do you like names than end in -an, -son, -ian? Maybe he might appreciate that you left his name as is and added a family name from you both, perhaps with 3, or maybe even 4, syllables?

    Kaiden Blake Jameson
    Kaiden Blake Sebastian
    Kaiden Blake Jebidiah
    Kaiden Blake Ozias

    How many syllables in your surname?

    Kaiden Blake Hamish
    Kaiden Blake Ambrose (Love Ambrose atm)
    Kaiden Blake Dresden
    Kaiden Blake Quentin
    Kaiden Blake Embry
    Kaiden Blake Coen (Dutch Coenraad)
    Kaiden Blake Ares/ Aries

    Kaiden Blake Qays (pron. khee-z)
    Kaiden Blake Penn

    All except the one-syllable names I've mentioned would sound great if you were to use Blake as a 3rd middle Congradulations btw, can't imagine how terribly excited you both must be!!!
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    Name favorites :

    Alana, Scarlett, Alexandria, Annalise, Gianna, Marcella, Kayla, Arabella, Julianna, Anastasia, Jovanna

    Cole, William, Samuel, Caleb, Rylan, Roman, Grayson, Jackson, Joseph, Caden, Christian, Joshua

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