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    I'm pretty loyal to most of my favourites, but I find my adolescent love of Jade, Chelsea and Shannon inexplicable now, and my attempts at inventing names went about as well as could be expected. Raeone? Venitienne? Genitianne? Clarinetta? Seriously, younger self, what were you thinking?

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    I wanted two boys named Asher and Ryder when I was about 15, with a girl called Aliah. They're not that bad.. Except Ryder haha.

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    I found a list I made when I was about 13 the other day and almost died laughing at myself. I definitely had Aiden, Braden, and Caden/Kaden on there for boys and hate all of them now! Some of the doozies were:

    Boys: Aleksandr, Angel, Aubrey, Bristol, Coffen (seriously), Colden, Debonair, Eden, Esme, Evelyn, Foxe (with an inexplicable E on the end), Genesis, Gwynn, Josslin, Krist (I believe I was pronouncing it like Chris with a T but honestly younger me, wth), Mackenzie, Marion, Morven, Nesbit, Pagan, Raven, Riston, Seraph, and Torley

    Girls: Alixevette (apparently Elizabeth wasn't cool enough), Bennett, Bryndis, Chanel, Ennis, Fernley, Genesis, Haldana, Havyn, Jette, Jewel, Jezebel, Karma, Kasmira, Kismet, Larkspur, Lilibet, Logan, Mackenna, Nixie/Nyx, Norna, Nur, Paxton, Perrin, Ramsay, Seraphe, Sesheta, Starling, Tawny, Tirion, Tryst (I had no idea what this actually meant, I swear), Velvet (oh god why), and Zsuzsa

    Feel free to laugh at me, I did!
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    Courtlyn and Caitilin (Katie-lyn). Not my finest work

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    As a child I went through a Judy phase. I wanted my parents to call me Judy, named our pet parakeet Judy...awful. I was 8 I believe. As a teenager I had a thing for biblical names. Not that I think they are bad names now, just not my style. I loved the name Zackariah James, and Benjamin Ari. I think they are nice names for someone else to use, but they just don't fit my naming style now as an adult.
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