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    When I was a kid:

    Teen (before nameberry & when I first discovered it)

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    In 4th grade I was a little too obsessed with the Percy Jackson books... and the name Percy. The funny thing is I'm starting to come back around to something like Percival or Perseus as the first initial in "P.J." which I am loving. I loved Selena (I loved Selena Gomez), and Lulu, I believe. There were others that I can't remember, but they were all celebrity names or something awful like that.
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    I'm still a little young (college student lol) so my ideas may very well change again! lol
    But, some I liked when I was in middle & high school were:
    Yuki, Keira, Amy, Annabelle, ... Ha! lol I still like most of them now! xD Oh well. lol

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    I'm in high school now, but I think my name tastes are pretty great as they currently are. We had a discussion on names in my creative writing class and a few of the other girls in class who shared (as I adamantly tried to withhold my passion) and a few names I remember being shared were Faithlynn, Brayella, and Bryttani. Not all bad, just awfully trendy. Although I do remember, in my younger days, being a bit...ah, let's just say I'm ashamed. The only one I can really think of that brings me to weeping is a Christelle - a bad twist on Crystal. Seth has been my favorite boy's name since third grade, but his sisters have definitely improved since my Christelle days. The only boy names I regret are Dennis and maybe Aaron or Derek. Definitely not bad names, just definitely not the style I've evolved to, you know? Hahaha. I remember being so bittersweet about Dennis - I loved the name but every time I mentioned it to someone, they'd wrinkle their nose and say, "Dentist?" so...that was a no go. Hahaha.

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    I used to love Audrey Louise for a girl, which is actually nice. However, I also like Dallas Gray for a girl.

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