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    I honestly don't remember making up names. I remember thinking that I couldn't understand why people made them up all the time because it was sooooo hard! They either sounded way too much like an actual name, or they sounded like someone was banging their head against a computer keyboard and came up with this:

    Fdsajilkjfewaiojtfewioanvfdkxgjireaoj. Tada! I made up a name!

    When I was four, my little sister was born. My parents had been having a hard time with names, so my mom asked me on the way home one day what my little sister's name should be. I was learning the story of Isaac and Rebekah in Sabbath School/at church, so I said Rebecca. It was the only name my parents had liked at all, so apparently that sealed the deal--for nearly two decades (they only recently corrected me!) I had thought I had pulled my sister's name out of a hat and was a brilliant baby namer! haha. Apparently I really loved the name (or was just really, really enamored by my baby sister!), because that Christmas, when my little sister was close to six months old, I got a doll for Christmas and named her Rebecca, too.

    I remember when I first had an interest in names, I loved Abigail and Eva for girls. And I was completely in love with the idea of Ellen and Danielle for sisters--I thought it was the best sibset ever! I don't even know why. That was around fifth grade, I think. I found a list for around that time (maybe a year later?), and the names on the list were Elisa, Hazel, Cassia, Kathleen, Kathryn, Kristiana, Hailee, Abigail, Jason, Jerry, Rachel, and Susan. I think many of the choices were inspired by books I had been reading at the time. I recognize Hazel, Cassia, Kathryn, Kristiana, and Susan from books, and Jason and Jerry from an radio show I really loved at the time. I remember going through a phase of not knowing in the slightest of how Hailee should be spelled--I didn't think Haley or Hailey looked right, nor Hayleigh (way too complicated, haha!), and that must have been the phase where I thought Ashlee looked cool, so of course Hailee was cool, too. I prefer Hayley these days.

    In around 8th grade, one of my mom's coworkers was pregnant and my mom told her I was really into names so her coworker asked me to make her a top 10. I don't remember all the names, but I remember Sierra, Morgan, Allison, etc. were on them. I remember that I used to LOVE Alison Grace as a combo. She eventually named her daughter Sierra, but not because I suggested it--it had already been her top choice. I think she just needed an extra boost in confidence.

    In high school, I remember LOVING Jonathan, Peter, Lacey, Landon, Micah, Liberty, Morgan (boy), Taylor (boy), etc.

    Early in college, I remember loving Nadia, Emmerson (nn Emmy; girl), Bailey (girl), Scarlett, Leila, Lucia, Rory, Sarah, Delaney, Giselle/Gisella (I had just seen Enchanted! And och, I love that movie, haha), Travis, Benjamin, Aidan, Collin, etc.

    I think most of my naming phases have been inspired by what I love at the moment--most strongly influenced by books. A lot of my favorites are still inspired by my favorite pieces of literature (I find them much more worthy of being honored than the latest novel!), as well as my faith, my family, and history.
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    For some reason, I really liked the name Tancredi for a boy. No idea what I was thinking.

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    I'm still goth but now I'm a 26 yr old goth and when I was a 15 yr old goth....omg the names. Lucifer and Bella Tragedie were my boy and girl top names LOL. Lucifer isn't as bad as Bella Tragedie but it wouldn't really work well either. Any over the top cheesy goth name you can think of was on my list including demons, old gods, every name that meant doom and gloom, death and suffering lol I'm so glad I am over the pretencious teen goth phase. Now my top names are Annika and Greyson/Lukas which are much more wearable. They let the kid decide what it wants to be when they are grown and doesn't pigeonhole them into something. It is funny now though when I see the younger alternative people on the board suggesting the same type of names for their kids that I did at that age cause I remeber older people telling me how bad they were back then and I would think bah old people just don't understand! and now I am that old person

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    I remember when I first heard the name Jeanette (age 7 or 8?) I thought it was spelt Genet I used that spelling for one of my toy dogs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by charliemc09 View Post
    I'm still goth but now I'm a 26 yr old goth and when I was a 15 yr old goth....omg the names. Lucifer and Bella Tragedie were my boy and girl top names LOL.
    maybe iam secretly a goth too because i find Bella Tragedie weirdly cool
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