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    As a preteen I was obsessed with Jennifer. I wished my name was Jennifer. I wanted to name my daughter Jennifer. I was all about it... Until my aunt named her daughter Jennifer, and I was crushed and betrayed. Now, of course, the name screams 80s to me and I cringe when I think of it on a baby, haha. When my cousin was born, realizing my Jennifer dreams had been crushed, I switched to Maggie and Daisy. Not all bad. I would still name a pet Maggie or Daisy, but not a child.

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    When I was five I made up the name Shellra because I thought seashells were pretty. And made up a whole imaginary family with names like Sydney (girl), Jenny and Alyna Alexandra nn A.A. (I actually called my sister A.A. for like a year even though it has nothing to do with her real name.) I also had imaginary friends named Ashley, Malcra, Veronica, and Rhea (ree-ah). When I was about 10 I "made up" Celinda and I really liked '90s names like Brittany, Melanie and Heather (and Winter for a girl, no idea where that came from). I guess I thought they were cool because lots of cool girls in the books I read had these names. Ashley was on my parents' list and I kept asking them why they didn't name me that... now I'm glad they didn't because I know a few other Ashleys and no Laurens (though I do know a couple Lauras).

    On the other hand... I've loved Cordelia since I was like 10 when I first read Anne of Green Gables, even though I first thought it was pronounced cor-dell-ee-ah. I was crushed for a bit but then started loving the actual pronunciation.
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    When I was making name lists- I was about fourteen- I really liked the names Phoenix, Bellatrix, Addison, and Ashlyn. Not gonna lie, looking back, I'm ashamed of myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maggiefromcanada View Post
    When I was about 12, I loved Randi and Shawna on girls. Oh, and Brendee, a smoosh of Brenda and Renee. Don't know how I came up with those, but thank goodness my tastes have evolved!
    Haha, I am a Randi. Not a nickname, either. I am an 80's baby.

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    When I was a kid, I wanted four daughters named Julia, Julianna, Julie and Juliette.
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