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Thread: Am I crazy...

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    Am I crazy...

    to consider Harriet for a girl when I already have a Henry? Henry would have been Harriet if he had been a girl and I still love the name (I'm not currently pregnant but baby no.3 is under discussion!)

    Harriet is the female version of Harry which in turns comes from Henry, or the English variation of French Henriette, which of course also comes from Henry.

    What do you think, too close for comfort or not?

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    Hmmm. Someone recently asked about Felix and Felicity, which is way too close, but somehow I'm hesitant on this one.

    I mean yes, technically Harriet and Henrietta are the same name, but they feel so different. I'd be totally okay with Harriet as a middle name, and to be honest I didn't realize the connection until you mentioned it. It wouldn't bother me on someone else's kid, though I'd be amused, but it would bother me on my kid.

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    Too close...I'm annoyed at my parents lack of originality in naming me Robin when I had a 2 yr old cousin named Robert (w/the same surname). Your daughter deserves her own name.

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    The similarity doesn't really bother me today, but my opinions seem to change with the tides.

    As long as Henry is never called Harry, I think it's ok.

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    I don't think you're crazy, because they're both lovely names, but I do think they're too close to work on siblings. I would probably be a bit annoyed in the back of my mind if I met siblings named Henry and Harriet.

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