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Thread: Nearly there...

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    Nearly there...

    Ok, after a lot of help from you nameberries, we have are search down to some details. We know what structure we want now...

    We are going to go for a universal first name, that woudn't change it's spelling anywhere in the world (especially Ireland and Brazil), and we want a Brazilian/Latin middle name to go with it..

    We have talked about names like Ryan Luiz and Lucas Oscar, but we have found they were either too common where we live (like Lucas), or the change in pronunciation rules them out (Ryan)

    At the moment we are thinking of Benjamin Thiago, we like both names, think they flow well and like the meanings and stories behind each, but before we make a final decision, we just wanted to hear any more ideas or combos that any of you could think of. Want to make sure we have covered all bases before we make it official...

    Thanks for the help so far, any more ideas before we finish!??

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I like Benjamin Thiago a lot! It's so handsome, and I can imagine the most adorable little boy! I spent one of my spring breaks on a mission trip in Brazil, and I'm imagining all the adorable Brazilian little boys I came across. I'm sure he'll be adorable, and I absolutely think Benjamin Thiago is a home run! I just have one concern--does Benjamin work well in Brazilian culture/the Portuguese language? I'm more familiar with Spanish than Portuguese, but I assume the "J" sound changes in Portuguese similar to how it does in Spanish? I am probably wrong, though--I had very limited experience with any Portuguese! I think Benjamin Thiago is lovely, I would very much love to meet a little Irish-Brazilian little boy with the name!

    All the best!
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    Thanks ash, nice to hear some positive feedback if that is the way we go! Pronunciation is not a massive issue, it just becomes ben-JA-meen, instead of Benjamin....very similar and just as nice cute!

    We really just wanted to hear some more combos for comparison, but it's exciting that we are getting closer!!

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    Love Benjamin Thiago - I think that's a great choice. Where I live, Benjamin is about as popular as Lucas but it's a great name with so much history & worthy namesakes. I believe supermodel Giselle chose Benjamin for her little boy for similar reasons to yourself - it needed to be said & recognised in different languages. I can't really offer any extra combos and I'm sure you've done plenty of searching to get to this point... I think Thiago works well as a mn.

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    Benjamin Thiago --- love it!

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