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    Quote Originally Posted by hardertobreathe View Post
    My Mother.... Mom wants me to like only traditional, particularly Greek names (which I do but...)
    Delilah- apparently not a name for a white child (racist much?)
    Eleanor(a) (she didn't give me time to add the a before talking)- that's sooooo old
    Benjamin- Jewish name (hello, its one of the top twenty boys names)
    Andrew & Jason (which are Greek)- too common (which I guess is true but still...)
    Charles- too old (she's warming up to it with the nn Charlie now)
    Ambrose- way old (which I'd only use for a middle name)
    Forget it, every time I talk about names all she says is, "I like Jude for a boy." and "You should name your son after your father." My dad's name is James. How many kids are named James now? How many kids in his family are named James? Excuse me for wanting to be creative.
    My mother has definitely made me reconsider my list, as you can see from my signature (Jude wormed its way in, James too, but I still prefer it for a middle name). She likes most of my girls names though. I try not to share with her because she might think my obsession is getting out of hand.
    Yet my brothers say they like Orla and don't get commented, and the other says just Sam and Alex as full names, totally acceptable.

    I love Orla, but only the Orlaith spelling, Orla is just an misspelling away from Oral, haha! Also, I know a little Delilah, she's got pale, porcelain like skin, light blonde hair, and blue eyes and it suits her perfectly. Can mention that to your mum

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    My parents think most of the names I love (my favourites in my signature gives you a sense of my style) are too out there or "complicated". They don't see the point in double middle names (basically all my combos have them). And my mum doesn't like girls' names with A endings... basically 90%+ of the girls' names I like!

    And... My sister thinks if I name a son Sebastian or Darcy or a daughter Cordelia they'd get beat up at school (what on earth?!). I was looking at a list of Shakespeare names on a name website once at lunch and my friend was reading over my shoulder, she thought Sebastian, Rosalind, Orlando, Lysander, Cordelia, Romeo, etc,- like half the names on the list- were unusable!
    ~Love names, literature, royals and horses~ <3

    Favourite names:
    Girls: Azalea, Cordelia, Elizabeth, Rosalind, Scarlett, Felicity, Juliet
    Boys: Fitzwilliam, Sebastian, Percival, Oliver, Darcy, Orlando

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    Some names I brought up to my mom and she hated:

    Zoe (she loves this name but it was our dog's name and she thought that was ridiculous that i even considered it)
    Titus (is the name of my estranged cousin, but we barely talk to them and his name is tydus)
    Finnegan (she thinks Finn is cute though)

    Names she suggested:


    Names I love that I never told her about, but she'll probably hate anyway:

    Pretty much every name in my signature that I didn't already list.

    We have pretty different name tastes. My name is Olivia Taylor, my brother is Collin, and if she had another girl she would have named her Savanna.
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    haha, I love these threads. In my case, it's not just my mom--it's also my three siblings and my dad and even my grandmothers sometimes who are the voice of dissent! haha. But they've made sure that I know that even if they hate the name, they'll love my child, and they'll grow to love the name because they'll love the child. So I've really stopped asking.

    Isabelle - "ugh, don't name her after Twilight!"
    Arianne - "Oh, Ashley, don't do that! They'll call her Ari the Airhead!"
    Violet - "ugh. It's just a dumb name" (why? I don't know. They just keep saying it's a dumb name!)
    Liliana - "ugh, why do you have to be so complicated?! Just name her Lily!" hahaha. But when I explained that Lily was for my grandmother who passed away, and Ana was for the grandmother who lives with us, my mom was like, "Aww, Mom, did you here that? Ashley wants to name her daughter after you!" And then they were all fawning over Liliana, haha.
    Charlotte - "She sounds prissy."
    Emmeline/Eliza - my dad shuddered when I told him, years ago, that these were my top 2... hahaha.

    I think the only ones I haven't heard SOMETHING awful about are Olivia, Eva (which I haven't even brought up to the whole family--just my sister, and she said she didn't mind it, but it seemed more my thing than hers), Anneliese, and maybe Annabel (to which I told my mom I could never use it, because I love Isabelle too much, and she was like, "You could have twin girls! And name them Isabelle and Annabel!" I was like, "Uh, no, Mom. But thanks." haha). I remember my mom LOVED Avery when I first mentioned it, and then I made sure we were on the same gender terms, and she was like, "A girl, of course!" :/ One of the reasons I wanted to use Avery, besides loving it, is that it's a big family name on HER dad's side! lol.

    I don't really talk names with my family anymore, for the most part (except for with my baby sister--she's really getting into vintage names like Hazel and Olive and Agnes, which makes me super excited, hahaha, so sometimes we talk. ). It's my choice, anyway, so I'd like it to be a semi-surprise when I actually do have a kid.
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    Its the opposite for me, my mom won't diss a name, but she every once in a while will say "I want a granddaughters named Madeline and Lillian. Also, Esther is a cute name." My mom likes names with -an sound at the end. My oldest sisters name ends in -yn, me and my youngest sisters names end in -an, and my brothers name ends in -on.

    If me and my sisters had been boys our names would have been Clayton, Brandon, and Justin.

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