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    It could work. I wouldn't use a name so boyish on a girl usually, but as far as boys names on girls go, I always thought James was a cute one & it makes me think of James/Jaime King. What about Jaime S______? Like for a random example Beatrice Jaime Simone? Or the S name could be your mother's name or a variation, making Jaime for your sister & the S name entirely for mom? Or you could save the mom honoring middle for another girl but use Jaime for your sisters? Jaims totally works tho, I'm just throwing ideas out there

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    Jaims is totally fine as a middle. I'd advise against up front, but no concerns in the middle. Of course there might be other ways you could smoosh, and I do think most family members actually understand if you focus on honoring one at a time - especially if you start with mom.

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