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    Using favourite musicians as Middle names

    Hey guys!

    Newbie here, I'm a big fan of names so am thinking ahead (not currently expecting!)

    Just wanted to get your opinions on some names I love for hypothetical future kids - you'll notice I tend to veer towards more creative names for girls and quite traditional ones for boys, not sure why that is.

    Also I want to see what you guys think - I'm a big music & poetry fan and have always wanted to give my kids middle names relating to my favourite poets & musicians. Do you think this is self-indulgent?

    I'm Irish by the way (Maeve Sarah) so you'll probably notice the influence here.

    Here are my ideas for names, just wanna see what you guys think. I really want to give these names, I think they're quite cool names but just want to get your opinions and make sure they stand on their own (not just as tribute MNs) and go well with the first names.


    Cassie Marling (after Laura Marling)
    Cleo Bird (after Wallis Bird)
    Este Grace (found the name Este through the band Haim, think it's gorgeous)
    April Yvonne (No musical influence here, my mum is Yvonne. I'll use April if she's born in April!)
    Saoirse Chapman (after Tracy Chapman)
    Juliet Arie (after India Arie - love the sound of Arie)
    Thea Lennon (for John Lennon)


    James Morrissey (after Morrissey from The Smiths)
    Alex Buckley (for Jeff Buckley)
    Sean Jackson (MJ)
    Ivan Ray (for Van Morrison and Ray Charles)
    Jack Lennon (for John Lennon) - if I haven't already used the MN with Thea :P


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    Great choices. You could also go w/Avril Yvonne if you're a fan of Avril LaVigne (or French form of April).

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    These are all very nice. Thea Lennon and Cassie Marling are probably my favorite picks. One of your boy combinations includes my last name, so I was very surprised to see that!

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    Thanks guys! I was wondering if they were too out there but initial positive response is good!

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    Cleo Bird is so cute! I also love Este and Arie. And Saoirse. Cassie I'd prefer as Cassia. Just think it's so much prettier, no matter how you say it. (I like the CAH-shuh prn.)

    For the boys, I think Morrissey, Buckley, Ray all work well as middles. Ivan Ray is fine but I might do Donovan nn Van instead.
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