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    Honestly with your names, for most of them I don't picture anything. I know or have know many people, all very different, with those names. The only thing I can say about your boys names are that I do picture boys/men and girls/ women. Likewise with your girls (definately female) names except for Morwenna. In that case, I do have a specific picture of a granola girl, hippie.
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    Wow, thanks for these! I've written so many down

    @amelia, I love your Thomas and Rose. And Alice too- she kind of sounds like me :P

    @Gwen, Henry's my favourite there. He describes a special someone I know to a T! I love the image of Alice and Eliza as well. Thanks!

    @otter, Wow! Thanks for all that, my love! I love them all. Tom is adorable! As are Henry and Alice. And Ruby! I feel like I should write a story about Peter and Eliza. They're brilliant. You're a gem

    @paw, I thought that may be the case for some. But I get your hippy vibe for Morwenna.

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    Rose – A soft-hearted, sweet-tempered girl. Her hair is all bouncy dark curls, her skin porcelain, her cheeks permanently pink, her eyes black and snapping with life, startling when you consider her demure ways. She wears her femininity like a second skin, completely without artifice. A lover of hearth and home and family, she's happiest with a babe in her arms, and she can coax a smile from even the surliest infant. No children of her own, and no desire for any. She'd rather open a daycare nursery so she can care for babies to her hearts' content without the heartbreak of watching them grow up and away from her.

    AliceOne of my favorite girls' names. I picture a magical little girl with cornsilk hair, china blue eyes, bare muddy feet, tattered skirts trailing handkerchief hems in the grass, and the ever present fairy wings. Tea parties in the garden on a table made out of a flat rock, set with a hodge-podge of china and crockware lovingly selected from rummage sales and deemed Treasures. Places set for all her stuffed animals who are well-loved and much-rumpled, for fairies, for story characters, even the Ancestors. Glitter becomes fairy-dust, sprinkled on mud pies like colored sugar, berry juices mixed with flower nectar and herbs become potions, be-ribboned twigs become magic wands. A head full of fancy and a heart full of magic. Reads fairytales to an adoring stuffed animal audience, re-enacts her favorite books as plays, assigning starring roles to parents and siblings and putting on grand productions with the back porch for a stage. Like Peter Pan, she never grows up.

    Morwenna – I don't immediately picture a person; the first things that come to mind are underwater visions – coral reefs, mermaids, pearls, seaweed waving and shifting in the currents, the view of the sky from underneath the surface and the way the light shimmers out in rings. A Morwenna has pale skin and long dark silky hair, sea green/grey/blue eyes that feel like falling into a painting of the ocean. She is mysterious, ethereal, and aloof, like she's not really a part of this world. Introverted and dreamy with a sense of melancholy about her. She's irresistibly drawn to the ocean and anything like it, collects shells and driftwood. She paints in watercolors, lots of ghostly liquid shapes in shades of blue and green, and writes poetry all over her bedroom walls in fluid script. Like a mermaid come to life.

    Eliza – A spunky, spirited, take-charge girl. Her looks are hard to picture, but her hair is short and swingy and she has quick expressive hands. An Eliza knows what's best for everyone, and feels it's her responsibility to help them discover it. She's a compulsive matchmaker and very active in supporting overlooked and underfunded social causes. Well-meaning and tactful, she occasionally runs afoul of people who don't want her advice, but for the most part they find her charming and her "helpful suggestions" to be quite shrewd.

    Ruby – My cousin's grandmother was known to all us kids as Gramma Ruby, and it's impossible for me to see past that association. Sorry!

    Chaps are soooo much harder for me, because I know so many people with those names that they cloud my perceptions. Maybe I'll work on them later as a good writing exercise
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