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    I think that Ivy Jane is beautiful and fits the best with sisters Olivia and Annabelle.

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    I too have an Annabelle! She was almost an Olivia as I have loved that name forever, but when she was born it just didn't fit her. I hear what others are saying about names being too similar and kind of agree. I have ruled out some names with Ana or Anna in them for future siblings because of that. I do like Ivy Jane though. How about other classics like Elizabeth or Catherine or Victoria? I also would suggest Ava. I know it is popular but I love that it combines both sisters into the name A for Annabelle and v for Olivia. I would actually call her by the full name of Ava Jane...super cute! Good luck and let us know what you decide!

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    I know at least twenty Emily's, so I would cross that one off the list just because of overuse. The other's are all great! I especially like Ivy and Calliope - both so spunky...I think the youngest of three girls needs some spunk to keep up! (I have three girls, too!). Susannah could have the nn Zuzu, though, and I love that! Tough choice...I say you can't go wrong with Calliope, Ivy, or Susannah!

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    Ivy Jane gets my vote

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    I love Emily Jane. Yes it is popular but it is gorgeous, and it flows well with her sisters names. Good luck!

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