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    I think Emily Jane goes best with the other two.
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    I like 1. Emily 2. Susannah 3. Calliope
    I dislike 1. Everly (which is not as classic as the other names). I am also not a big fan of Waverly.
    I also like Rosalie.
    Good Luck!

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    Do you call Olivia Liv or Livy? If so i think Ivy and Liv are too similar, You seem to prefer V's and A's..

    i think Ivy, Everly and Olivia are a bit too similar sounding.. I also think the ana sound in Susanah is too close to Annabelle..

    Calliope really stands out in style compared to Olivia and Annabelle, altho the nn Callie does go, so i think this name could stay on your list.

    That leaves Waverly and Emily.. my personal favorite would be Waverly. But Emily is a really sweet name as well and goes very nice with her sisters names. Well thats my 2 cents if it was me my list would be:

    1. Waverly Jane
    2. Calliope Jane
    3. Emily Jane

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    My favorite from your list is Calliope Jane, but I think Susannah Jane or Emily Jane work better with your sibset.
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    Olivia and Annabelle are currently popular names with great history to ground them - go with Emily. I think that Susannah and Ivy are also fine, a bit more different in feel and less ideal because with Susannah you have Anna overlap with Annabelle and with Ivy you have V and plant overlap with Olivia. BUT, they're both still not unusable. Waverly and Everly just feel likely they belong in a different family than Olivia and Annabelle.

    On the other hand, I love Calliope : D. But it just really feels out of place - you could go for it though. It actually feels less out of place to me than Waverly and Everly because it has a longer history of use. Do you like Penelope? Similar rhythm and a much more logical fit with Olivia and Annabelle.

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