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    First Name for a Boy's Double Middle

    Hey Berries-

    My SO and I both have older brothers who are very important to us. They are also our only siblings. I would love to have my firstborn son's middle name to be Zachary Jacob, after my older brother and his, respectively.

    Luckily, I like both their names, but would prefer something a bit more unusual for the first name. With the last name (starts with E and is two syllables) I'm liking how two-syllable names flow.

    Current favorites:

    Felix Zachary Jacob
    Rowan Zachary Jacob
    Stellan Zachary Jacob

    Now that you have an idea of the type of names I like, I would love to hear your suggestions (:

    Thank you so much!

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    Laszlo Zachary Jacob (Gives me the same feel as Felix; carefree & unique.)
    Ezra Zachary Jacob
    Sterling Zachary Jacob (Similar to Stellan.)
    Ashton Zachary Jacob (Similar to Rowan.)
    Jonah Zachary Jacob
    Harper Zachary Jacob
    Sawyer Zachary Jacob
    Wesley Zachary Jacob
    Mylo Zachary Jacob
    Simon Zachary Jacob
    Elias Zachary Jacob
    Silas Zachary Jacob
    Jasper Zachary Jacob (Carefree, unique feel, similar to Felix.)
    Gideon Zachary Jacob (Strong, uncommon, interesting choice.)
    Julian Zachary Jacob (Similar to Stellan.)
    Maxfield Zachary Jacob (Similar to Felix and its cool X sound, but more unexpected than traditional Maxwell.)

    I really like Felix! Rowan is becoming very popular and I'm just not a fan of Stellan--female Stella is on the rise, and fast.
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    Thanks for your suggestions! I really like:


    Also, @aveline_bellefleur, Dresden is my brother's favorite boy's name! I like it too, but since I like so many, I'm letting him have that one so funny that you would mention that name!

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