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Thread: Wonderous Boys

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    Casimir Antony Herne/Gawain (I like Gawain because it's romantic, but I like Herne because it's the huntsman and he's the horned one and everything!) - prefer Gawain (like this one much), but both are OK

    Endymion Lucius Rainier - perfection!

    Galileo Hector Eärendil - OK

    Orpheus Robin Elessar - OK, but not crazy about Elessar

    Romulus Peter Rohirrim - nice

    Theoden Osiris Rainier - nice
    Theoden Odin Rainier - nice
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    So happy to see Casimir and Galileo still on your list! So Romulus beat out Remus? And I'm really liking Theoden! I'm always impressed by your boy's lists. My favorite combos are;
    Casimir Antony Herne- Love this one, although Casimir Odin Rohirrim is pretty awesome too, I chose Antony Herne because I saw your Romulus combo was Romulus Peter Rohirrim, which is perfection so I thought Rohirrim should stay there if that makes any since. If you're still open to suggestions have you considered Casimir Antony Brage?
    Endymion Lucius Rainer- is perfection, the other two are nice but you can't top this
    Orpheus Damon Calidore- This was a hard one, I like all 3 combos but none really stood out to me, but I think Orpheus Damon Calidore is my favorite, have you considered Orpheus Robin Calidore?
    Theoden Osiris Rainier - Love it! the only issue I'm having with it is that you already have a perfect combo with Rainier in it, Endymion Lucius Rainier. Also I liked Theoden Odin R. on paper untill I said it out loud, then I realized it was TheODEN-odin, Oden and Odin sound the same to me so to my ears this doesn't work at all, out loud it sounds like the person saying it has a bad stutter.What about Theoden Osiris Robin?
    Galileo Hector Eärendil, Oberon Elessar Marinell, and Romulus Peter Rohirrim - These are all great so I tried to take them into account when I chose combos for the others.
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    I am unforgivably late in providing my input this time around. Sorry sweets! You have some beautiful combos here, and I'm excited to look through them all. And if you're still taking suggestions, I have a few of those as well

    Casimir Antony Herne – This is by far my favorite of the Casimir combos. It's rich and warm and romantic, with this beautiful wild streak underneath, courtesy of Herne. I picture creamy cashmere sweaters and thick scarves, rich foamy coffee, a beard – sometimes five-o'clock shadow along a chiseled jaw, sometimes a soft full beard, beautifully trimmed…but always dark hair – counterbalanced by a rugged campsite with a cast-iron skillet over a crackling fire, bedrolls facing the stars, and a well-oiled rifle propped against a nearby tree trunk. I don't know if this makes any sense, as I haven't had my coffee yet, but I just think he's the perfect mix of sophisticated/suave and ruggedly handsome.

    Endymion Lucius Rainier – You know he's my Endy pick. I've been in love with this combo since before Roo was born, haha. Endymion is the ultimate dreamer name to me, someone with a soft gentle soul, intuitive and aware. He doesn't know the meaning of the word impossible. The Lucius Rainier combo always makes me think of my Pacific Northwest with its lush verdant forests and soaring rugged snow-capped mountains…so beautiful and evocative of nature. I love the Lucius means light – starlight to guide the dreamer, moonlight's silver touch that turns mundane to magic, sunlight streaming through the rain clouds as the ultimate symbol of hope, candlelight illuminating the pages of story after beloved story (for an Endymion needs books like he needs oxygen). And Rainier's personal significance to you makes it the ultimate middle name, in my opinion.

    Galileo Hector Eärendil – I know your heart is set on this one, and far be it from me to talk you out of something you love. I just have one more suggestion: I can't let go of the Galileo Vincent idea…those two are just a match made in, well, heaven! Vincent's Starry Starry Night, so achingly beautiful… They're sort of the same, Galileo and Vincent, each reaching for the heavens in his own way, the perfect marriage of art and science. Galileo Vincent Eärendil is just awash in glorious starlight: fearless charter of the stars, emotional painter of the heavens who was too beautiful for this world, and the Tolkienian seafarer who carries the morning star across the sky. It's radiant perfection.

    Oberon Elessar Marinell – This is beautiful. Normally, I don't even like Marinell, but once again Otter's witchy name-love mojo has done the trick. Oberon Elessar Marinell makes me think of fairies, stars, and seafarers. You'd think these associations would give the name a soft ethereal vibe, but this combo is vivid and kickass and humming with energy. I wouldn't change a thing.

    Orpehus – I'm with you, in that I love Robin with Orpheus. It would be such a cute tie to his big sister! Orpheus Robin Elessar would be my pick. (Side note: I have my own private giggle every time I read Ecthelion. In my current D&D campaign, one of the guys plays a character named Ecthelion, and I hadn't even made the Tolkien connection till I read this thread. So every time I read the name I'm picturing our haughty, fastidious half-elven swordmage and cracking up.)

    Romulus Peter Rohirrim – Peter and the Wolf! I love it! Romulus Peter seems so roguish and mischievous and twinkling, while at the same time projecting the hushed mystery of the wolf. I don't know how he does it. Rohirrim throws me a bit, but when I draw on the snowy Scandinavian winter vibe, it works.

    Theoden – I'm not a fan of Odin right after Theoden, it sounds rather like a stutter. I also wonder if Theoden and the Rohirrim in the same name is a little much, just because Theoden was the leader of the Rohirrim in the books. Although, can you ever have too much Tolkien? At any rate, my vote goes to Theoden Osiris Rainier…I love the crisp exoticism that Osiris brings to the table, and Rainier's personal significance trumps Rohirrim's potential redundancy, at least for me. For suggestions, have you considered Artegal with Theoden? I love the nod to TFQ since it's such an influential work for you, and the personification of justice pairs well with Theoden's courageous leadership. Theoden Osiris Artegal or Theoden Artegal Rainier? It might need some tweaking, but I still like the idea.

    Thrilled with the list this time around!! My top two would be Endymion Lucius Rainier and Galileo Vincent Eärendil...if you decided to go with the Vincent tweak that would move Galileo into the number one slot for me!
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    Oh, oh now I have to disagree with Sheesh. Sorry babe!
    I actually love Galileo Hector Eärendil - I find Galileo and Vincent a bit redundant for me. Too much starry, romantic night.
    Hector gives Galileo an edge of masculinity and wolfishness that is just amazing. It's so perfectly balanced - please don't change it.
    (Note: I DO have both Hector and Vincent in my top list so it's almost like splitting hairs here... but still).

    My favorites are:
    Casimir Odin Rohirrim (I just don't love Anthony - if you wanted to change that into Casimir Anton Gawain I'd
    Endymion Oliver Februus
    Galileo Hector Eärendil
    Oberon Elessar Marinell
    Orpheus Robin Elessar
    Romulus Peter Rohirrim
    Theoden Osiris Rainier - I agree with Sheesh that Odin feels odd after Theoden. It just sounds redundant (and since you could go with Thor as a nn Odin feels unnecessary. I also love the family ties to Rainier and the meaning so much more than Rohirrim).
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    You know, I was sitting in the kitchen happy as a bee after putting Roo down after six hours of her clinging at my blouse and I opened my laptop and went to do an update and when I looked at Theoden I thought "why have I never considered putting Odin there?". This was at 10 am, I'd been up with screaming teething baby since 4 in the morning. So I guess my brain didn't quite work...

    Sorc; Thank you for your opinions, hun

    Averells; thank you!!! That makes me happy. Ooooh Casimir Antony Brage is so handsome! And Orpheus Robin Calidore - I swoon I say! Beautiful. Adding to my list. What you said about Odin is of course true, and that's why I never put them together before. I was very sleep deprived. Theoden Osiris Robin is gorgeous though, nice work!!

    Sesshiemine; I was wondering if you'd abandoned me! Thank goodness you did not... Suggestions are always welcome, it's not like the baby's coming tomorrow now is it? I knew you'd back my old Casimir and Endymion combos. Amy asked me if maybe it's just that they've been me for a while so they start to look less magic, and I think that might be it. I still love them but I've gotten used to them. When I see Casimir Antony and Herne follows instinctively. I love what you say about them, my twin, I feel the same way. Obviously. Yeah, I know Hector's not your favourite... I do love Galileo Vincent Eärendil, it's perfectly starry and otherworldly. But Hector is like that to me too. The noble, beautiful, good, just, courteous Trojan hero always reminds me of stars and midnight beauty. Oberon Elessar Marinell is perfection. I was ready to give up on Oberon when Amy swooped in with that one. I'm not sure I want to use Ecthelion now though... not if you're going to start laughing hysterically every time my son's name is being mentioned. Orpheus Robin Elessar is pretty perfect right? Now to the next one; I LOVE Artegal with Theoden!!!! Theoden Osiris Artegal. Theoden Artegal Rainier. Brilliant!!! Oh, goodie that you came out of your cave to do some commenting here. Thanks so much!!

    Lexiemexie; yup, Odin and Theoden was a perfectly stupid idea. But what's one of my threads without a big splash of stupidity? Thanks for your lovely opinions, I think Galileo will stay as he is .
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