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Thread: Wonderous Boys

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    Wonderous Boys

    And we're back to the boys! Baby refused to show what's between her/his legs today at the ultrasound so I need to have my boy names sorted out... in case baby turns out to be in those 15% (I was told baby was 85% certain a girl a few weeks ago).

    I've got seven names on my list; I can't narrow it down further which annoys me, I think it might be because I can't eliminate Endymion even though I don't think our baby will fit this name; it's too calm and serious and from what I've seen of kiddos #2 they're usually pretty crazy wee urchins.

    Casimir - regal hunter and forests and hawks.
    Endymion - mountains, ice and moonshine.
    Galileo - white snow and starlight.
    Oberon - flowers and merriment.
    Orpheus - trees, poetry and song.
    Romulus - rugged hunters, wild forests and wolves.
    Theoden - horses, moors and bravery.

    Combos I've already made:
    Casimir Odin Rohirrim
    Casimir Antony Herne
    Endymion Lucius Rainier or Endymion Lyceus Rainier
    Endymion Peter Winterson
    Galileo Hector Eärendil*** this one is set, I don't need more Galileo combos.
    Oberon Elessar Lewis
    Orpheus Robin Lupercus
    Theoden Ranulph Lyceus

    Names I like for the middle spot, I know there are tons but a few of them are rather similar:
    Antony - Mark Antony (which makes me think about Richard Burton...) and Antony Heggarty, one of our favourite musicians.
    Arcas - Callisto's son, the king of Arcadia and Ursa Minor.
    Aries - the Golden Ram and the constellation. I love the tale of Jason, and this would be a way to bring that in.
    Auster - the Roman God of the south wind, and Paul Auster is one of Husband's favourite writers.
    Brage - the Norse God of poetry.
    Calidore - from TFQ, he's the knight of courtesy.
    Damon - my ultimate favourite Greek myth (I say that a lot though...). Don't care about Vampire Diaries and Monsieur Matt Damon.
    Eärendil - Tolkien, a seafarer who carries the morning star across the sky.
    Ecthelion - Tolkien, a king of elves with the most beautiful singing voice.
    Elessar - Tolkien, another name for Aragorn who is delicious.
    Februus - Roman God of purification, and where February comes from. Baby's due in February.
    Gawain - Sir Gawain! Glorious and really cool knight.
    Heathcliff - I can't see myself using Catherine no matter how much I like the name, and Wuthering Heights is one of my favourite novels.
    Hector - Best man ever. And the name is wonderful and pure beauty.
    Herne - the wild huntsman!
    Hugh - I don't know, it's beautiful and it means "heart".
    Idris - Magician and a mountain, and fantastic mr Elba!
    Innes - character in one of my favourite novels.
    Lewis - C.S. Lewis, Lewis Carroll and a character in one of my favourite novels. And it's a family name.
    Lucius - it means light! It reminds me of Lucifer, which is the name of the Morning Star. And Lucius Malfoy.
    Lupercus - the God of shepherds who was celebrated with the Roman festival Lupercalia which takes place in mid February. It comes from lupus "wolf".
    Lyceus - epithet of Apollo, "of a wolf".
    Lysander - from Shakespeare's magical A Midsummer Night's Dream.
    Marinell - TFQ, the knight of the sea.
    Mercutio - The only redeeming thing about Romeo and Juliet is Mercutio and Tybalt. It comes from Mercury, which is one of my favourite Roman Gods, a lovely planet and one of my favourite songs.
    Odin - The Norse Chief God.
    Oliver - Oliver Mellors from Lady Chatterley's Lover, then there's one of Charlemagne's Paladins and Oliver Twist.
    Osiris - Egyptian God of the Blessed Dead and fertility.
    Peter - Peter Pan, Peter Pevensie, Peter and the Wolf, Peter Rabbit.
    Rainier - Grandfather and Rainer Maria Rilke, one of my favourite poets.
    Ranulph - Family member and Ranulph Fiennes - explorer and amazing man.
    Robin - ROBIN HOOD.
    Rohirrim - Tolkien, the people of Rohan (which feels very Scandinavian).
    Sebastian - From Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.
    Strider - Tolkien, another name for Aragorn.
    Thor - Norse God of thunder, storms, healing, fertility, protection and oak trees among other things.
    Valemon - Norwegian fairytale about a prince cursed to appear as a polar bear.
    Winterson - my favourite writer.

    I know there's a lot of wolf related names here, but I love wolves and I keep having this dream about wolves surrounding me in the forest. I think it's a sign of some kind...

    I'm very keen on Robin with Orpheus but I can't seem to find the perfect match. Other name suggestions are of course welcome, they need some kind of relevance to us though; literature, art, music (we like everything; heavy metal, opera, chamber music, jazz, blues, Kate Bush, Joshua Radin, Bob Dylan, Cocteau Twins, Fiona Apple, Neverending White Lights, etc etc.), mythology (especially Greek, Roman, Norse, Welsh), folklore (English, Scandinavian, German, Russian), historym if there's good reasoning behind a nature name I'd love it (I love nature names but Husband doesn't unless there's more to it than a bleeding plant as he puts it). I'm not interested in Bible names unless they were really good guys. Saints names! If some name has ties to any of the aforementioned and also belongs to a saint, that would be icing on the cake.

    TFQ = The Faerie Queene, old English epic poem.
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    Here we go Ottery-one

    Casimir Peter Brage
    Casimir Marinell Lysander
    Casimir Anthony Idris
    Casimir Sebastian Valemon
    Casimir Robin Copernicus ((No idea where that came from… it just felt right for some reason? O_o))

    Endymion Lewis Herne
    Endymion Calidore Lucius
    Endymion Arcas Mercutio
    Endymion Oliver Februus

    Oberon Rainier Lyceus
    Oberon Heathcliff Winterson
    Oberon Aries Gawain
    Oberon Ranulph Auster

    Orpheus Damon Elessar
    Orpheus Ecthelion Hugh
    Orpheus Sebastian Valemon
    Orpheus Peter Lupercus

    Romulus Lysander Thor
    Romulus Odin Marinell
    Romulus Brage Lewis
    Romulus Anthony Valemon

    Theoden Idris Brage
    Theoden Anthony Elessar
    Theoden Osiris Heathcliff
    Theoden Innes Gawain

    [Edit::] Regards to your Orpheus Robin query - totally should have read the post all the way through - I thought of:

    Orpheus Robin Calidore
    Orpheus Robin Brage
    Orpheus Robin Marinell
    Orpheus Robin Elessar
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    Still pretty over the moon about Casimir Antony Herne, it's so wonderfully swoonable - it's like the names were made to be put together. I also really like Endymion Peter Winterson, Galileo Hector Eärendil and Orpheus Robin Lupercus. Your combinations are all so ethereal, Ottilie I also think that Casimir is the one that goes best with Aphrodite - along with Galileo and Orpheus.

    Casimir Antony Elessar
    Casimir Antony Gawain
    Casimir Ecthelion Robin
    Casimir Ranulph Gawain

    Endymion Idris Eärendil
    Endymion Innes Valemon
    Endymion Lucius Calidore
    Endymion Peter Mercutio

    Oberon Aries Lysander
    Oberon Hugh Calidore
    Oberon Lyceus Robin
    Oberon Ranulph Marinell

    Orpheus Antony Elessar
    Orpheus Brage Winterson
    Orpheus Robin Gawain
    Orpheus Robin Lysander

    Romulus Antony Heathcliff
    Romulus Heathcliff Lupercus
    Romulus Lyceus Herne
    Romulus Peter Rohirrim

    Theoden Calidore Peter
    Theoden Hector Gawain
    Theoden Mercutio Herne
    Theoden Rainier Gawain
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    My favorites are Casimir, Galileo, and Theoden! Endymion wouldn’t have to be totally serious… I mean, mountain climbing and such is pretty adventurous stuff. I could see MY second born pulling that off. And for what it’s worth, my sister who is a second-born has always practically been a grown-up!

    Anyway, I’ll throw out some combos…

    Casimir Earendil Brage (love that combined imagery!)
    Casimir Lyceus Rainier
    Casimir Valemon Brage

    Endymion Strider Winterson
    Endymion Lucius Februus
    Endymion Antony Gawain

    Galileo Hector Eärendil – sa-weet.

    Oberon Heathcliff Elessar
    Oberon Odin Ecthelion
    Oberon Mercury Earendil

    Orpheus Peregrine Hood
    Orpheus Ranulph Robin
    Orpheus Osiris Robin
    Orpheus Robin Sebastian
    Orpheus Lucius Robin

    Romulus Osiris Marinell
    Romulus Marinell Thor
    Romulus Valemon Rainier

    Theoden Peter Rainier
    Theoden Winterson Hugh
    Theoden Rohirrim Lyceus

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    Casimir Antony Herne= Lush. I love this combo the most.
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