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Thread: Wonderous Boys

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    Make fun of me but the printed version of your OP is two pages long. (yes I printed it out). That on a phone is just silly.
    Here we go.... (I added a few wolfy names for ya, hope you like at least one).

    Casimir Iason Eärendil
    Casimir Mercutio Herne
    Casimir Hector Varg
    Endymion Strider Lykus
    Endymion Idris Ulric/Wulfric
    Endymion Ecthelion Brage
    Oberon Calidore Zeev/Varg
    Oberon Elessar Februus
    Oberon Innes Heathcliff
    Orpheus Mercutio Loup
    Orpheus Robin Casimir
    Orpheus Robin Calidore
    Romulus Sebastian Gawain
    Romulus Sebastian Indris
    Romulus Osiris Hugh
    Theoden Osiris Ranulf/Rainier nn Thor
    Theoden Lupercus Odin
    Theoden Peter Rohirrim

    Notes on some of the "new" names:
    Iason - you mentioned you loved the myth of Jason and as I have yet to meet one that wasn't a girl magnet (I swear to god the name is magical) I figured any boy could do with a derivative.
    Zeev - hebrew for wolf
    Varg - I kind of feel in love with this the other day and needed to suggest it.
    Lycus/Lykus - Latin/Greek for wolf
    Loup - french for wolf
    Wulfic/Ulric - old norse meaning wolf power
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    Oh. Oh. Oh. I don't know if you'd be into a straight-up weapon name at all but have you ever thought of using the Viking sword, Ulfberht? The Ulf/wolf names reminded me of it.

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    I'm going to wait until an update to start comboing, but I'm in love with all your middle options and I'm glad someone else agrees that Mercutio and Tybalt were the only decent part of R&J.
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    Amy! I'm surprised and delighted that you chimed in! I know you're busy, I'm hoping you're enjoying some well deserved sister time, and that Dom is getting lots of auntie snuggles. I'm shocked that you've made three combos for each, so unlike you... . Glad you like Théoden, and Elessar is amazing. I'd love a Tolkien name in there, so yay for the Elessar in everything thing. Your combos are all beautiful, this is difficult. Oberon Elessar Marinell, this might be my favourite Oberon combo yet. It feels very flowery. Oberon Lewis Brage, I really like this too, but it seems rather... short? Oberon Arcas Ranulph is very handsome but the bear name and wolf name together confuses me. I love Orpheus Damon Calidore and Orpheus Gawain Elessar about the same, they're both so soft, gentle and beautiful. Those four names are all perfect for Orpheus. Theoden Mercutio Lewis is brilliant, all English literature names. Theoden Heathcliff Valemon is very rugged and handsome. All the Romulus ones are smashing, I think my favourite is Romulus Gawain Elessar... or Romulus Mercutio Sebastian. The former one is softer and brings some romance to Romulus which I love, the other one feels more troubled. But I like troubled. Great work, sweets!

    Lexie; Didn't mean to make fun of you!! Two pages?? Oh, no, I need to control myself. No way that's doable on the phone, you're so right. Your name suggestions; I love Iason. Or just Jason. I love the myth, and then there's Jason Isaacs... it is a girl magnet name! I've never met an unattractive Jason. Zeev and Lycus are amazing, and Ulric! I love Ulric (and Wulfric!). It was on my first list for Roo I think. It's lovely. And Varg... I wish this name was usable for me but I can't. If you go to google and type in varg I'm pretty sure google will suggest Varg Vikernes for you. He's a Norwegian rather infamous man, one of the founders of one of Norway's most famous death metal bands (Mayhem; they drink pigsblood on stage and are quite disgusting), he stabbed another metal musician to death in the early 90's (I still remember even though we lived in England by then, it was a huge thing), he's pretty much responsible for putting pagans in a bad light in Norway. Burns churches and seems to have nazi sympathies. Now to happier things; your combos! They're all so pretty. Casimir Iason Eärendil is so romantic, and Casimir Mercutio Herne is very fiercely handsome. Endymion Ecthelion Brage, Endymion Strider Lykus (really love this, it makes Endymion feel like a mountaineer or something!), Oberon Elessar Februus is lovely, I really like Orpheus Mercutio Loup but Husband said "no" to Loup, he thinks it sounds girlie. Romulus Osiris Hugh, Romulus Sebastian Gawain (this is super romantic and masculine at the same time!), Theoden Osiris Ranulph/Rainier nn Thor is BRILLIANT!!!! Love it! And Theoden Lupercus Odin is beautiful. I also like Theoden Peter Rohirrim but someone thought it was too much Tolkien in one name. Silly billy. Thank you so much, Lexie love!

    Sarah; Ulfberht is pretty cool! I will run this by Husband, I like it! And Ulf's a name on my mother's side, so would be a nice connection.

    Gwennie; Update is coming today, we went through the names this morning and Husband vetoed a bunch. I'm glad you're with me on R&J; I always thought it was a shame that he put these two fantastic characters (T & M), who are two of his best characters ever, in one of the most boring plays...

    Update is coming later!!
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    Endymion Lucius Rainier -- I really like this one. It is my favorite by far.

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