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Thread: Wonderous Boys

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    Well you do like to keep us on our toes. Got to get to work -
    and your post is way too involved to answer on the phone on
    my commute so I shall be back later tonight. xoxo.
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    Okay, here we go! Sorry for any repeats.

    Casimir Aries Herne (I do love Herne with Casimir)
    Casimir Winterson Thor
    Casimir Hugh Valemon (The polar bear name sounded right with Casimir; all these combos sound so lovely and wintry.)

    Endymion Lucius Rainier is SO GOOD, I don't know that you need to search farther. But anyway:
    Endymion Lucius Calidore
    Endymion Oliver Marinell
    Endymion Idris Lysander

    Oberon Auster Hugh
    Oberon Ranulph Sebastian (Oberon was tricky for me. But I do love your Oberon Elessar Lewis.)

    Orpheus Hector Ecthelion
    Orpheus Peter Ecthelion (I LOVE Ecthelion with Orpheus...)
    Orpheus Damon Lysander
    Orpheus Damon Faramir (I couldn't resist)
    Orpheus Robin Elessar
    Orpheus Brage Sebastian
    Orpheus Bran Calidore (Bran is one of my big guilty pleasures, and I've seen it on your lists, so here you go! I don't think I could use it because of bran muffins, confound them!)

    Romulus Odin Heathcliff (Don't cross this man!)
    Romulus Herne Strider (Or this one!)
    Romulus Damon Thor (okay, or this one either)

    Theoden Oliver Gawain
    Theoden Arcas Hector
    Theoden Arcas Herne
    Theoden Peter Sebastian

    Thanks for all the fun! Best wishes.
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    Theoden would be my pick! Oberon would be my second choice. Orpheus just makes me think of Orifice. So, I can't make it sound good in my mind. How about:

    Théoden Heathcliff
    Oberon Lysander

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    Dina; oh my, your husband is funny. He can babysit alright, if he wants to right now that'd be fine too . Utter perfection, I do like that! My girl list right now (I'm not really allowed to think about girl names, but I do because I'm naughty) has I think 130 names. That's how disorganised my brain is at the moment. But I've got time...

    Karma; yay, thank you! Theron is gorgeous, but Husband fell out of love with it because so many associated it with Charlize Theron. Not that he doesn't like her (he's a man after all) but he doesn't want people to think we named our child after her.

    Katemp; thank you!

    Sarah; doesn't make it easier... but Husband is going to have a look through when he gets back from Frenchieland and the list will most likely shrink a lot.

    Lex; yes I do. Oh no, it wasn't me, it was naught bunny which is the official new name. Maybe I should just go with that? Too complicated to reply to on your phone? Tut tut... . Hope work was fun, sweets!

    Aurora; oh, look at these! Oberon is tricky! It's the one that's giving me the most trouble too, I'm wondering can that be a sign? I might simply take him off for that reason alone. First of all, love all your Romulus combos! You're so right, do not cross those dudes! they sound like rugged wild men which I love. They're all great, I can't pick one. These are my favourites from the other names: Casimir Aries Herne, Casimir Hugh Valemon , and oh, I do love Casimir Winterson Thor too though! Endymion Oliver Marinell, Oberon Ranulph Sebastian (this actually works really nicely, well done you!), Orpheus Hector Ecthelion, Orpheus Peter Ecthelion, Orpheus Damon Faramir, Orpheus Robin Elessar, Theoden Oliver Gawain and Theoden Arcas Hector. So that's nearly all of them. They were all great though! Really nice job...

    boyandgirl; Theoden is great isn't it? I do love Heathcliff with Theoden, it sounds really lovely. Thanks!!
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    Oooh, hey lady! Sorry, but as you know I don't have much time online this week, though I can't help but comment on the Boys! I'm leaving Casimir Antony Herne, Endymion Lucius Rainier, and Galileo Hector Eärendil as they are because they are 100% perfect but I'll try a few [read 3] of the others.

    Quick points: Very pleased to see Théoden on the list. And can we just take another moment to think about what an A-mazing choice Elessar is? I'm going to put that one with everything. Tolkien love all around. Also, none of my Orpheus combos actually have Robin in them because I think the best options have already been mentioned. I have one clear-cut favorite combo for each of the following names but I won't tell you until afterward. =]

    Oberon Arcas Ranulph
    Oberon Elessar Marinell
    Oberon Lewis Brage

    Orpheus Gawain Elessar
    Orpheus Damon Calidore
    Orpheus Hugh Valemon

    Romulus Gawain Elessar
    Romulus Mercutio Sebastian
    Romulus Peter Winterson??

    Theoden Mercutio Lewis
    Theoden Heathcliff Valemon
    Theoden Oliver Marinell
    Dominic James~ {7}

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