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Thread: Wonderous Boys

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    Oh, a little boy! I'm going to hope for a boy because I love them so much. For what it's worth, my brother is a #2 and he's a gentle giant. Children and animals love him. He's kind and patient and very much a loner. So not all #2s are crazy! Maybe there's an Endymion in there.

    First, favorites:
    Casimir Odin Rohirrim (love!!!)
    Endymion Peter Winterson
    Theoden Ranulph Lyceus
    Galileo Hector Eärendil


    Casimir Ranulph Heme
    Casimir Hector Valemon

    Endymion Antony Gawain
    Endymion Rainier Sebastian

    Oberon Idris Gawain
    Oberon Lucius Ecthelion

    Orpheus Robin Brage
    Orpheus Eärendil Robin

    Romulus Oliver Lupercus
    Romulus Winterson Peter

    Theoden Elessar Heathcliff
    Theoden Mercutio Aries
    Cordelia Eilonwy Snow | Evadne Snow | Felicity Astra Wildrose | Gwenna Moon | Lorelei Ondine | Octavia Eowyn Sol
    Pandora Willow Isolde | Petra Leocadia Silver | Sunniva Adar Rhiannon | Thisbe Wildrose

    Caspian Wilder | Damian Sparrow | Evander Thorn | Everett Lyle Ward
    Ezra Balthasar | Gwydion Alaric Hart | Konrad Peregrine Llyr | Malachi Tristan Bjorn | Phineas Robin Blaise | Theodore Winter

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    Thanks you lovelies! You all did such an amazing job! When I looked them over this morning I was in complete awe, and I warn you, I'm going to have a hard time narrowing them down. So many swoon worthy ones!

    Renny; These are all so amazing, I was hoping you'd come and show off your genius combo skills. Casimir Robin Copernicus is really great, I love Copernicus he was a fantastic man, and Casimir sounds wonderful with Robin! I'd have never thought of that... So many great suggestions here, I absolutely love love love Casimir Sebastian Valemon, Endymion Calidore Lucius, Endymion Arcas Mercutio, Endymion Oliver Februus, Oberon Rainier Lyceus, Orpheus Damon Elessar, Orpheus Ecthelion Hugh, Orpheus Peter Lupercus, Romulus Odin Marinell, Romulus Anthony Valemon, Theoden Osiris Heathcliff and Theoden Innes Gawain, Orpheus Robin Calidore, Orpheus Robin Brage, Orpheus Robin Marinell, Orpheus Robin Elessar. Yup, that was almost all of them. You're simply too good!

    Elja; thank you! I like the Casimir Antony Herne one too, it feels very woodsy and royal, which I like . I'm glad you liked some of the others too, if they're approved by you I feel much better about it!! I absolutely adore all the combos you made, you're so brilliant at this. It's very hard to pick out my favourites but I'm going to try. Casimir Antony Elessar, Casimir Antony Gawain, Endymion Idris Eärendil, Endymion Innes Valemon, Endymion Peter Mercutio, Oberon Aries Lysander, Orpheus Brage Winterson, Orpheus Robin Gawain, Romulus Antony Heathcliff, Romulus Heathcliff Lupercus, Romulus Peter Rohirrim, Theoden Hector Gawain, Theoden Mercutio Herne. That was difficult! They all fit how I feel about them perfectly, so well done, søtnos!

    Sarah; Oh, good to know! I thought all second borns were little nuts, but that might've just been in my family. Actually, now that I think about it was just me... I have two very calm and collected second born cousins. I'm glad you like Theoden! It's my most recent addition, it strikes a nice balance between normal and dashing knighthood. Your combos are gorgeous, of course! I love Casimir Eärendil Brage; it's like a mix of all things I want in a name and it sounds amazing and the imagery's perfect. Endymion Strider Winterson, Oberon Heathcliff Elessar, Oberon Odin Ecthelion, Orpheus Peregrine Hood(!!!), Orpheus Osiris Robin, Orpheus Lucius Robin, Romulus Marinell Thor (love Marinell in between these two sturdy rugged names!) and Theoden Rohirrim Lyceus are my favourites. All so lovely though, just had to pick some!

    Ella; thank you! It's the one that's been on my list the longest, glad you like it!

    Fey; Yeah, maybe not all are crazy... maybe I'm thinking more of a certain toughness, cause second children need that. They're being pushed around a lot! Happy you liked some of my already made combos. Of yours I love Casimir Ranulph Herne, Endymion Antony Gawain, Oberon Idris Gawain, Oberon Lucius Ecthelion, Orpheus Eärendil Brage, Orpheus Robin Brage, Romulus Oliver Lupercus (love love love this one!) and Theoden Mercutio Aries. I also love Theoden Elessar Heathcliff, but I have a strong feeling someone will think this is too much LOTR and literature in one name. And that someone isn't me .

    Thank you so much, everyone, this was so great! You all did an amazing job, can't wait to show Husband and see what he thinks.
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    I'm OK with all your first choices, but Endymion, Orpheus and Casimir are my fave

    Casimir - regal hunter and forests and hawks.
    Endymion - mountains, ice and moonshine.
    Galileo - white snow and starlight.
    Oberon - flowers and merriment.
    Orpheus - trees, poetry and song.
    Romulus - rugged hunters, wild forests and wolves.
    Theoden - horses, moors and bravery.


    Casimir Antony Herne
    Endymion Lucius Rainier
    Galileo Hector Eärendil*** - OK, it's not bad

    Like or love

    Orpheus Robin Brage
    Endymion Gawain Rainer
    Casimir Valemon Aries
    Oberon Peter Osiris
    Romulus Thor Auster
    Theoden Arcas Herne
    Seraphina Isolde Paige Cressida Melody Charlotte Cecily Despina Bridget Rosalyn Cvijeta Dorothea Millicent Gwenllian Beatrice Aurora Rosamund Matilda Nimue Sunniva Giselle Griselda Amoret Helena Anastasia Elaine Isabella Briseis Freya Blanche Paisley Flora Robin Magnus Percy Tristan Ansel Lysander Arthur Edmund Balthazar Dimitri Emil Amaury Erik Dylan Dorian Florian Gustav Harley Roland Ludwig Arlo Orpheus Amadeus Lucius Remy Thorin Hugo Edgar David Beowulf Wesley Roman Sylvan Maximilian Storm

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    mikayla Guest
    I'm gonna focus on the first names..

    Casimir - i think it's fine, but I think it's way more serious and calm than Endymion
    Endymion - didn't think I would like this, but I kinda do. It's cool
    Galileo - i like the association and how it looks, but I don't like how it sounds
    Orpheus - awesome! will you use a nickname? if so, what?
    Romulus - since i'm a Harry Potter geek, I prefer Remus. but this is okay as well
    Theoden - I like it. I like the LOTR association. if i met someone named this, I would assume his parents were big fans of LOTR. so if you're not, no might not wanna use it. I think most people would assume that.

    My favs are Endymion, Orpheus and Theoden but overall its a great list!

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    I just had to say I found this thread last night, but it was too late for me to play with it. I'm actually going to print out your list so I can play with it, and then I'll be back! So it's back to Romulus instead of Remus, hmm? And Theoden! Awesome!

    Also, I was halfway down your own combo list when I saw Elessar in the middle, and I stopped. When I was thinking about it later I had no idea what the rest of the combo was--it was that showstopping. WHY had I never thought of this? I've mourned Aragorn's unusability; I don't know if I'd even put him in the middle, it would smack so hard of fanaticism; and Strider, while way cool, fits in a little too well with all of today's American Coopers and Carters and Ryders for me to love it as a first name. But Elessar, as a middle, is beyond awesome. I've already drooled over your choice of Earendil, and I like Ecthelion and think Theoden would be wonderful as a first name (Rohirrim is cool too, though it reads a little strange to me since it's a plural word), but I just had to comment on Elessar.

    I also love Idris. I found him years ago in an old name book. I found Taliesin in the same book and put them together, and I still think Idris Taliesin is dreamy. I almost hope you've got a little boy, I get so excited about your boy lists! Best wishes.
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