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    Exclamation Needing Background Info For This Name

    On my way home from my apprenticeship placement, there's a graveyard I always walk through, because it basically leads into my backyard. Normally, I only pay attention to the names on the stones to the right of the graveyard, because that's the path to get to my house, however, today, I scanned the entire graveyard. This one is one of the earliest in my town, so some deaths are as early as 1812. There's the typical Alice's, Mary's, Jane's and Dorothy's, but also Eleanor's, Martha's, Florence's, Allie's, Annie's, Isabella's and Susannah's. One name really stood out, because I've never EVER encountered this one before. The name is....


    I'm not sure if I like it, it's cute, and could be an alternative to Florence or Flora, but, it appeared unrelated to her parents names. Neither had Flor or Ala components in their names. Florala's year of death (there wasn't a year of birth stated) was in the 1840's/1850's, and she was (according to the gravestone) about 1 year old when she died. I wasn't sure if any historical name experts on Nameberry (I'm sure there's a few) could help me out by shedding some light on this name? I've never heard/seen any names quite like this, other than the standard Florence and Flora. When I googled the name Florala, all that came up, were sites about a town in Alabama named Florala. The town was named in the late 1700's/early 1800's after the two states it borders, Florida and Alabama. Other than that, I've found nothing.

    Hopefully someone has some ideas on it!

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