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Thread: Football?

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    My fiancee and I were talking baby names the other day, and he came with Crimson for a boy, and Alabama for a girl. I kinda like them, but I know its for his favorite football team, Alabama Crimson Tide, even if he denied that it was the inspiration to those names. Do you think it´d be usable?

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    I can't help you, sorry. I was born and raised to be an Auburn fan. The guy who poisoned our trees has a son named Bear Bryant and a daughter named Crimson Tide. Once again I'm biased and think its really stupid.
    But its up to you, if you like that sort of thing do it. If you do use them, I would use one or the other, its a bit over done to use both.

    Alabama is usable.


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    Those names are really popular among Alabama fans. They feel overdone (and trendy). They also feel rather limiting. What if your child isn't an Alabama fan when he or she grows up?

    Using something like Nicholas Lou "Nick" (current head coach), Paul Bryant (Bear Bryant's given name was Paul), or George Henny (former Alabama president) would be a better choice for your child.

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    So the stereotypes about Alabama fans are true.

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    A boy named Crimson would spend a lot of time blushing from embarrassment about his name. I rather like state names for girls, though. I have a Mississippi and an Indiana in the family (though quite distant and Mississippi was named for the river, prob'ly before the state existed).

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