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    How do you Jean ?

    Jean, Jeanne, Regina..
    Whats diminutive or variants do you know?
    Whats your opinion & favorite of them ?

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    Diminutives... well, my dad calls my mum Jay and Jeannie

    Opinion: I'm not a big fan and my mum's not either, lol.

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    I adore Jean. It's sweet & simple. Rarer than Jane or June, less serious than Joan. I think it's great in the middle. It's my mom's name so I bet I will use it on an actual person in some regard. I like the idea of Eugenie a lot. I think Gina could be a great first name.

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    My favorite is Georgina. I don't really care for any of the others, and I like Georgiana and Georgia much better than Georgina. I used to go to school with a Jeanna (JEE-nah, not jee-ANN-ah), which I always thought was pretty, but I don't really care for it anymore. Gina feels very dated and overdone to me, and Jean doesn't seem quite ready for a comeback, to me. Georgina is lovely, though! And I can respect Regina.

    ETA: Eugenie! And Eugenia! I love those. I don't know why I didn't even think of those. I really love Eugenie/Eugenia and Georgiana.
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    Jane is my preference. Jean, not really... Kinda meh personal association, but also sounds dated and rough around the edges, like a cutoff jean jacket. Joan sounds a bit bulky to carry around, hard to imagine an impish free spirited Joan (not that one needs to be either of those!). Gina is not so much to my taste either, but oddly I do like Geena.

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