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    || Andrea || 23 || name obsessed ||
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    Oh my. Once a name has been dismissed by my partner I generally write it off so I'm having trouble remembering/deciding what just MY family would look like.

    I suppose I'll be boring and just reiterate my siggy.

    I wish to have 6 kids.

    G, Fawn Elizabeth
    G, Luna Sigrid
    B, Link Nikolai
    B, Soren Fox
    G, Faye Gwendolyn
    B, River Ashley

    I feel so bad for leaving out my Shepherd Lugh, but I think beyond 6 is when it would start to get a little... "Which one are you again?"
    Callista ⚖
    My wheeks: Ganon, Impa, Din, and Tetra
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    This is a really hard question. My favorite used to be Nova, but I realized it just doesn't have enough substance and length for me.

    According to my current favorites:

    Darwin Ulysses
    Laszlo Finch
    Seamus Elliot

    Agnes Philomena
    Odessa Clementine
    Willa Tempest

    Boy, Girl: Darwin Ulysses & Odessa Clementine.
    2 Boys: Darwin Ulysses & Laszlo Finch.
    2 Girls: Odessa Clementine & Agnes Philomena.
    Boy, 2 Girls: Darwin, Agnes, & Odessa.
    Girl, 2 Boys: Odessa, Darwin, & Laszlo.

    (And so far their cousins (my dream nephews) will be Atticus & Sagan... Brother likes Ulysses so that could be gladly eliminated to my name list!)
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    New Hampshire

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    Pandora Christine (nn Panda)
    Theodore Odin (nn Teddy or Theo)
    Thomas Orion (nn Tommy)
    Damon Osiris

    I love my boy's middles. The firsts will probably shift around a bit. My girl's list is ridiculous right now so I'm only going to give one.
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