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    Jul 2013
    Australia/ UK
    writing a novel and not having babies anytime soon.

    girls: Nina, Sage, Blair, Penelope nn: Poppy/Posey/Lola, Cordelia, Cecily/Cecelia/Celia, Amelia, Hazel, Willow
    boys: Damian, Emmett, Nathan, Chase, Nathaniel, Jesse, Blaise, Dash

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    Aug 2010
    Maryland, USA
    My dream family for the moment is 5+ with 1-2 1/2 years between them.

    DS1- Price Caspian (for the moment that probably will change)/Eden Trust
    DD2- Aella Dorothy Poem (^^)
    DS2 & 3- Sage Rafferty & Sebastien Cove "Sacha/Bash"
    DD2- Wynne Delphine
    if I had more...
    DD3- Judah Biet Catherine
    DS4- Madison Wyatt
    ~Dayton.22.Auntie to Cruz Marcel & Aylah Hope Catherine~
    {Pandora Mary Dove} {Soul Wilhelmina Dear} {Saskia Edith Muse} {Zelda Mariam Opal} {Hadassah Yvette Wildrose}
    {Eden Demetrius} {Sailor Ignatius} {Poet Ambrose} {Indie Jericho} {Crow Aubrey}

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    Jack O'Neil (For both of my grandfathers.)
    Gethro Gaston (After my dear great granddaddy who died at the ripe old age of 104)(But call him Gete) the "Ge" pronounced as "Gee"
    James Bowie (But call him Bowie)
    Magnus Fox
    Rory Matthew
    Katherine Bethany (Call her Katie Beth)
    Zadie Faye
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    19 year old aspiring writer. Lover of names. Searcher of meanings.

    Boys: Jack O'Neill, Rory Clark, Magnus Fox, McKenna Jace, Whistler Clark, and Timothy Crow
    Girls: Katie Beth, Saoirse Grace, and Ava Violet

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    Jan 2012

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    Apr 2013
    Charlotte - Louise - Violet - Francesca - Annabel - Grace - Claire - Vera - Winter 💕

    Alice - Jane - Lily - Vivienne - Melrose 🎀

    Henry - Laine - Theo - Finn - Ezra ❤️

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